Advice 1: How to choose a travel pot

Dry rations for one person in the campaign not last. Hot wholesome food warm in the predawn coolness and rejuvenate after a hard day's night. To prepare a fragrant soup, a nutritious porridge and strong tea, you need a quality mess kit.
How to choose a travel pot

Travel kettles are divided by materials, titanium, steel and aluminum. Utensils for trekking you need to buy only quality, because in nature you can't replace anything. If you are traveling with big family or group of friends, you need to buy a set of pots to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. At least two lots will need at least a first or second course and compote or tea.

Steel pots are lightweight and durable, the price also you do not scare. Aluminum and titanium are considered to be more practical, but they are much more expensive. Pots differ in method of production. They are stamped, riveted and welded. Riveted cookware can warp under hard conditions of a campaign, so it is better to buy another.

Choose a convenient form of the pot. Some tourists have adapted to pack in their backpacks low slightly flattened pans, other – comfortable to wear high. Without a car it is better to take a few small or medium pots, because nobody wants to carry a huge and heavy boiler. For a company of 3-4 people will need two vessels of 2.5-3 liters. 6-7 tourists in the campaign are able to eat 5-6 liters of food.

There are 10 litre pots, but it is not necessary to take such capacity on the expectation that you will heat food. In the nature of prepared food goes bad very quickly, so it's best to cook fresh to health problems didn't spoil your trip.

The army variant of the marching pot has an oval shape. They are easy to carry, but washing them is much more difficult. Look for a model that has a lid-a frying pan. It is convenient to fry up some eggs or fresh fish. There is a universal bowlers transformers. They look like tubes and contain a set of necessary utensils: a frying pan, pot, pans and cups.

The campaign is very convenient container with non-stick coating. It is easy to clean, and to cook in such a pot easier. Think about buying a metal tripod, in order not to search each time the set of strong branches for the location of the pan over the fire. There is even a double tripod, they will help you to cook simultaneously two dishes.

Advice 2: How to pack in a travel backpack

Have a camping trip? If the supplies and provisions ready, it remains only to pack them in the backpack. This depends largely on the level of fatigue during the trip. Even the most comfortable and fashionable the backpack is not able to smooth over the mistakes made during stacking things.
How to pack in a travel backpack
If you go on a long hike for the first time, will give due consideration to packing of the backpack. You don't want to sonicate already at the beginning due to the fact that your travel mug via backpack rubs your back? Therefore, before laying lay all things before him. Do not take anything superfluous, as during a long hike it would seem that every kilogram weighs many times more. So its owner could feel comfortable in the way, men's backpack should weigh no more than 30 kg, the female – not more than 20 kg.
Pack things as tightly as possible, bringing the center of gravity to the back. That is, all the heavy things are put as close as possible "to the body", gradually moving on to lighter things, and mandatory things. If you think of the backpack in vertical section, closer to the back needs to be heavy cans of food, shoes. For them – towels, clothes. Exterior pockets put all the important stuff. In the side pockets to conveniently carry the flashlight, knife, small dishes. The tent is attached at the bottom of the backpack, the foam at the top or the side. Sleeping better packaging inside.
It is very important to score all the corners at the top of the backpack. There, as a rule, should be lighter items. Backpack so that you can quickly find a particular thing without unpacking the backpack completely. To avoid things getting wet in the rain, try to pack the most vulnerable of them (socks, underwear, documents, money) in plastic bags.
Remember that in the campaign of the hand should always be free. This means that all things should be in the backpack. So you can help yourself and others to overcome the difficult sections of the road at any time to see the map, etc. put Packed backpack: a backpack stands on a small hill, and your task is to become the back to the straps, sit down, push through the hands and straighten up with a backpack on his shoulders. Be sure to tighten all straps, starting with the bottom.
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