Blocking cell phone operator means it is impossible to use the machine in a network different from the source. When you turn on the mobile with the "foreign" SIM card prompted the introduction of the unlock code, in case you don't know him, you will not be able to use a mobile for calls and SMS. There are many ways to remove this lock flashing, jailbreak, but the most secure for your device will be the introduction of the requested code. This code you can ask the operator under which the phone is locked. Please contact the customer service of the operator, and then provide the IMEI number of the phone and all additional data, requesting specialist. Use the code to unlock the mobile.
You can also encounter such type of protection, as phone lock. In this case, when you turn on the phone code is requested, without which continued use of the apparatus impossible. Use the code reset, or firmware reset code settings to change that code you've forgotten the source. To get the codes reset firmware and factory reset, please contact the representative office of the manufacturer of your machine. Provide IMEI number and any additional data to be requested, and then use the above codes to reset.
Lock SIM card designed for the protection of personal data contained on it. When you turn on the phone requested the pin code, without which the use of SIM cards is impossible. In case you have forgotten it, use the pack code is located on a plastic box from SIM card. If this method is not possible, contact the representative office of your operator. Provide a passport and request a replacement SIM card.