You will need
  • - anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • - chondroprotector;
  • antibiotics.
For starters, be sure to consult a specialist, if you feel the slightest discomfort in the feet and suspect you have arthritis. Only an experienced rheumatologist will be able to correctly diagnose the disease. Because arthritis can be of different types: infectious, allergic, rheumatoid, etc. And its causes are also different. In each case the treatment will be different, the therapy is selected individually.
If your arthritis is infectious in nature, a rheumatologist will prescribe a course of antibiotics. What exactly, he decides, on the basis of personally, your contraindications and indications. At the same time be appointed anti-inflammatory therapy. To reduce inflammation in the foot and reduce pain, topical ointments and creams of the type "Diclofenac gel". But also not do without the intake of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs): "Piroxicam", "Diclofenac", "Indomethacin", "Brufen", etc. to Cure arthritis with their help it is impossible, but these tools can ease the condition. However they have serious side effects. Therefore, it is much better to take selective NSAIDs — they are softer and less likely to lead to complications. Among these you can select the "active ingredient" in the pills and injections.
The basic means for the treatment of arthritis, as with osteoarthritis, are drugs-chondroprotector. They are slowly but effectively restore cartilage damaged by disease of the joints, and in more advanced cases, prevent its further destruction. The most widely used medications such a plan: "teraflex", "Artron Khondreks", "Structum". They must take courses every six months.
Auxiliary methods in the treatment of arthritis of the foot are massages, exercise therapy, mud therapy, magnetic therapy, diathermy, ultrasound therapy, therapeutic diet, rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. In combination with other measures leads to good results.