You will need
  • - kanji dictionary.
Determine what the language is you are interested in the character. Most often used in the design of Chinese characters. Their difference is that they easily fit into a square. These characters should not be confused with the Korean syllabic writing, which has a more simplified view of the letter it consists of several elements. In turn, the Egyptian hieroglyphics are more like icons that is closer in appearance to the objects they represent.
Will buy or take in the library of the kanji dictionary. You can also use various online directories. But before that make sure your computer software that supports reading of the characters.
Find out the principle of classification of characters in the dictionary. Usually they sistematizirovat according to their keys. Structural character in most cases consists of two elements - key responsible for its semantic content, and phonology. helping to understand its interpretation. It often happens that the keys are part of the character as changed, so finding them can be difficult.
The key defining character, open the appropriate section of the dictionary and locate the image you want to use the symbol. beside him is a given kanji, as well as its translation. Keep in mind that often the word is not of one sign. and from their combination. Therefore, to understand the meaning you should split the group of characters on words that may be problematic - in the blanks in the sentences in Chinese and Japanese are placed.
If you need to decipher the meaning of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, please refer to special Egyptological literature. Also, you can help special sites with dictionaries of the elementary characters of the ancient Egyptian language -