You will need
  • - a personal computer (or phone) with Internet access;
  • check Vkontakte.
Appeared out of nowhere on your page Vkontakte photo – phenomenon is not accidental. The ability to add to your page the photo is only available to friends online that can put an image with fotometki, denoting her any person. In this case, the photo will open on your page.
To remove someone else's photo from your page is not difficult. Just open on the main page in the menu located on the left hand side the "My albums". Here is a list of all of your existing photo albums.
Go to the where the unwanted photo, and open the image by going to its edit mode. Information about the other fotometki will be located immediately.
If you do not want to see on the page is a photo, remove the tag from the picture. To do this, click the " x " located to the right of the image in the corner.
Vkontakte is another "trick" - removal of another person from the photo. If you wish, you can use it to draw on his friend. But this is only possible if the companion is a real and "shows" Facebook in your friends list. To delete the photos only.
And this is done in the following way. Look for the "mark of man". Click on the victim that you want to delete. Check man on an arbitrary location (in this case, it will appear in the list noted below). After this procedure, the photo of your friend, if it was previously marked on it, will disappear from its pages.