Advice 1: How to remove someone else's photo Vkontakte

Your page appeared photography, which you do not like it for any reason? This is most likely the handiwork of your friends over the network. But there is no reason to despair – unwanted photo from the page can be removed and with some effort and to manage for a while in someone else's account, removing some disliked the image. But about all under the order.
How to remove someone else's photo Vkontakte
You will need
  • - a personal computer (or phone) with Internet access;
  • check Vkontakte.
Appeared out of nowhere on your page Vkontakte photo – phenomenon is not accidental. The ability to add to your page the photo is only available to friends online that can put an image with fotometki, denoting her any person. In this case, the photo will open on your page.
To remove someone else's photo from your page is not difficult. Just open on the main page in the menu located on the left hand side the "My albums". Here is a list of all of your existing photo albums.
Go to the where the unwanted photo, and open the image by going to its edit mode. Information about the other fotometki will be located immediately.
If you do not want to see on the page is a photo, remove the tag from the picture. To do this, click the " x " located to the right of the image in the corner.
Vkontakte is another "trick" - removal of another person from the photo. If you wish, you can use it to draw on his friend. But this is only possible if the companion is a real and "shows" Facebook in your friends list. To delete the photos only.
And this is done in the following way. Look for the "mark of man". Click on the victim that you want to delete. Check man on an arbitrary location (in this case, it will appear in the list noted below). After this procedure, the photo of your friend, if it was previously marked on it, will disappear from its pages.

Advice 2: How to remove registration Vkontakte

Now change or remove the registration page on the website "Vkontakte" is easy. To do this, create topics, which are tables in the CSS style. Use the special code that was part of web programming. It can be used to remove the registration web page.
How to remove registration Vkontakte
Look in the network educational material to remove, and then to change the design on the website "Vkontakte". Go to the website and pick a different theme. The text of the table from this thread you need to copy to the clipboard. You must open the program "Notepad", then paste the copied text. Click the menu "File". Next you need to select "Save as" enter your file name with a required extension css. Choose a location to save.
Use a program such as Internet Explorer in order to put a new theme of "Vkontakte" or to return to the standard view. Find the menu "Tools", select "Internet options". Locate the "General" tab and the "theme"section.
Tick where there is an item "format documents using my style." Then click "Browse" and open the file that was previously saved. Then, click "OK". Restart the browser. You can now visit the site "Vkontakte". If you want to remove the background, remove the tick next to "format documents using my style."
Download software Stylish for the new design of "Vkontakte" using the Mozilla Firefox browser. Restart your browser and copy the text for the selected design. Stepping into Stylish, you need to create the style of "Vkontakte". Write any text in the Description field. In the lower field you want to insert the text from the file that contains the table in the form of a cascade. Then this will save and make you restart the browser. Next you need to go to the site "Vkontakte".
If you need to turn off this add-in menu "Tools" -> "add-Ons" can be found Stylish. Tap on it, then choose "Disable" and "Remove" all will be as before.
Use Opera browser, if you want to remove or put a new background on your page. Go to the settings of the browser, select the item called "Advanced". Locate the "Content", then "style Settings" and "Modes of presentation". In the "My table" tick.
Copy the text from the selected format, open Notepad and paste in this text. Now we need to save the file under your name with extension css. Go to his page "Vkontakte" and right-click on the background of this site. You will see the item "Edit site preferences". Go to "View", select "Browse" and locate the file from your computer - in it you saved the table. Click "OK". Left to update your page.
If you need to remove the background, on the View tab locate the "Settings" and uncheck the option "Enable styling of forms" - so you are removing a path to a style file (css). Click OK, restart the browser.

Advice 3: How to remove the whole wall Vkontakte

Wall with on the site "Vkontakte" can tell a lot about both its owner and its environment. Sometimes some of the posts on the wall you want to get rid of. If you want to delete one or two messages, there is nothing easier. But if you want to remove the entire wall as a whole, can be difficult.
How to remove the whole wall Vkontakte
Remove the posts manually. This is a long and tedious method, but the most readily available. He will fit you in if records on the wall not too much. Just press the "Delete record" in the upper right corner of each post.

Especially will suit you this way, if you are afraid to accidentally catch a virus by downloading a special program. Although, if your computer has a good antivirus program, you can try to clean the wall and other methods.
For example, use scripts to delete messages. If messages on the wall too much, you will have to manually delete them all day, and even more.

In your browser put on the wall the following script:

javascript: (function(){ var result = document.evaluate('//*[@class="delete_post"]/div', document, null, 0 , null ); var found = []; var res; while (res = result.iterateNext()) found.push(res); for (i in found) found[i].onclick(); })()

Press Enter and watch as your messages disappear from the wall.

Another script, unlike the first, allows you to choose which messages to delete and which to leave out:

javascript: (function(rexp){ var found = document.evaluate('//*[@class="post_table"]', document, null, XPathResult.ORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE , null ); for ( var i=0 ; i < found.snapshotLength; i++ ){ if (found.snapshotItem(i).innerHTML.match(rexp) ) { document.evaluate('.//*[@class="delete_post"]/div', found.snapshotItem(i), null, XPathResult.FIRST_ORDERED_NODE_TYPE, null ).singleNodeValue.onclick(); } } })(/app1995682/)

One thing: these scripts only work in Firefox, so if you have another browser, first download and install the new one.
Use programs to clean the walls. Some users "Vkontakte" you are able to create various programs that delete the message on the wall without the use of scripts. An example of such a program - VkontakteWallCleaner. Download it, install and run, when the browser opens your page.

Advice 4: How to remove ban Vkontakte

There are times when users of social network Vkontakte for any reason, be in the ban list (black list) to another user or group. And then there is the question of how to leave.
How to remove ban Vkontakte
To remove yourself from the ban list for another user, make the link**** where **** - your id. Then send it to the person who made you into the black list. To do this from your page, of course, you don't, better sign up under another name or ask them to make it one of your friends. Your task is to ensure that the user passed on this link, for this you need interest him. Add to the link text, for example, as follows: "And where are you?" or "Look, what about you write!". If a user passes the link, you will automatically retire from his ban list and will have the opportunity to view his page and send him messages.
To remove yourself from the blacklist (ban-list) group, make the link**** where XXXX is the group id, and **** - your id. Then send it to the supervisor. To do this from your page, of course, you don't, better sign up under another name or ask them to make it one of your friends. To interest the administrator add to the intriguing link text, for example: "have you seen what you write about your group?" or something else, as long as it has pushed the head (administrator) group to link to. As soon as he does, you will be automatically removed from the blacklist group and will have the opportunity to go in and view all the necessary information for you.
If you believe that you have been added to the ban list unfairly, first contact the group administrator to determine the reason why you got there. Perhaps your page was accessed scams that it sent spam or remarks obscene nature, to which you have no relationship. If the situation becomes clearer, the group administrator will remove you from the blacklist on a voluntary basis.

Advice 5: How to delete friends from "Vkontakte"

Quite often in a social network "Vkontakte" stuffed friends unfamiliar people. Naturally, sooner or later you will want to terminate friendships with, and remove them from your friend list.
How to delete friends from "Vkontakte"

If the friend has appeared suddenly

Communicating in social network "Vkontakte" user may add a friend to other members of the site and replenish with new people my friends list. However, the conversation with a particular person brings pleasure. And then there is the desire to say goodbye to unwanted other, which can be implemented in just a few simple steps.

To produce any action "Vkontakte", first you'll need to log into your personal page. This can be done in two ways: on the main page of the website in the corresponding fields enter the username (the role typically performs the email address that you used when you registered) and password or click on a previously saved in the browser following the link you will immediately be taken to your account. By the way, the second way is most convenient, but only under the condition that access to the computer only you have. Otherwise, your page can go strangers running on the same computer.

Next, you will need to consider carefully the inscription on the left side of the page next to a personal photo. In the second row from the top is the "My friends", which you will have to go. Click on the link and select the user that you want to end friendships on the site. To the right of his photograph in the list, select the option "Remove from friends".

If you after some time decide to restore that friendship, you can do this by viewing your friends list and use the "Back to friends". This operation will be to the right of the avatars of the user.

But don't delay the decision. After you close the page with the list of your friends previously removed, the user will disappear, and restore the friendship with him with just one mouse click you will be able to: will have to look for it in the vast social network and send him an invitation.

Find other

If the list of friends "Vkontakte" is very large and it consists of several hundred users), try using the search function. To do this in the section "My friends" look at the top of the page, a string in a field where you will be prompted to enter a friend's name. Immediately from the first letters of the name "Vkontakte" will select the most appropriate request of the people.

Select the user you want and do all necessary in relation to it operation. You can also facilitate search, seeing friends, being in the moment on the website and those sent to you earlier, requests to be friends.

Advice 6: How to delete a friend Vkontakte

Adding to the friends list page of the user social network "Vkontakte", the man hopes to continue the relationship. But if outside of the social network you already long ago communicate, or added to each regularly bothering you with messages, and leave humiliating comments to all your photos, it makes sense to remove it from the friends list on the website.
How to delete a friend Vkontakte

The standard way

The functionality of the site "Vkontakte" there is an item "Remove from friends". It can be found on the website of each by scrolling it to the bottom. In addition, to remove a friendly relationship with the user is possible and from the submenu "My friends".

However, it is worth note that in recent updates, the social network removes your subscription to his news. So the person goes from a rank of "Friend" in the rank "Subscriber" and continues to see updates from your account "Vkontakte" in the news.

How to remove the subscriber "Vkontakte"?

To stop unwanted subscription, you must go to the "My subscribers" (it is on your page, under the main photo) and press the x in the upper right corner of the avatar's former friend. But in this case, the user will be able to add your page to your bookmarks, view your news, like and repost them.


Once and for all to say goodbye to the annoying friend you can use blacklist. Adding to person you completely block him access to his page.

The user was you in the black list, you must select "Block" in the lower part of his account. In case someday your friendship will be restored, to be reopened is possible via the tab "blacklist" in the "My settings".

Mass deletion of friends "Vkontakte"

If you urgently needed to clean the friends list, you do not need to go to each page and delete manually. It is possible to use special programs and scripts that allow you to instantly remove several people. One such program is VkBot, the functionality of which there is an option of mass deletion based on specified criteria. However, such applications should be used with caution, because they can disturb the stable functions of the site and even compromise your username and password.

It is possible, removing friends from your page in social network "Vkontakte", you will come to understand that virtual friendship is not something to which one should aspire in their lives. Then an ideal way to instantly clean the entire friends list will not be downloading any particular application, and simple removal of your account.
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