In neuralgia of the facial nerve on the affected side changes is smoothed nasolabial folds, ceases to close the eyelid and is limited to the amount of movement of the facial muscles. Can attach to saliva - watery eyes. Treatment should be started immediately, otherwise it might be irreversible loss of nerve fibers. If there was pain behind the ear and facial asymmetry, immediately consult a neurologist.
The doctor will prescribe drug therapy. Used in complex treatment anticonvulsants, muscle relaxants, analgesics, corticosteroids, vasodilators, and electrical stimulation of the facial muscles. To improve the effectiveness of treatment is additionally prescribed a course of acupuncture and acupressure. These procedures begin in the acute period in a few days from the onset of the disease. The first course consists of 10-15 sessions, if necessary, after 2 weeks, repeat.
An integral part of the therapy is acupressure and therapeutic exercise. Exercises are performed 3 times a day for the entire period of treatment of the disease. The technique boils down to the alternate contractions of the facial muscles — the forehead namasivaya, Nagarjuna eyebrows, protrusion of the lips in the form of a tube, the retraction and inflation of the cheeks, swelling of the nostrils. Each movement is performed for 10 times. In addition to such exercises, carry out articulation exercises — pronunciation of sounds with the participation of facial muscles.
A month after the onset of the disease to the complex therapy to add the mud. Spend 10-15 mud applications, unless there was a strong contracture of the facial muscles. In some cases, carry out microsurgical reconstruction of the affected area of the facial nerve.