You will need
  • - screwdrivers;
  • - cotton gloves;
  • - wrenches.
Driving the car into the garage and set the Parking brake. Put the gear lever in neutral position. Open the hood and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. This will disconnect the car and will reduce the risk of a short circuit to zero. Maximum open the front door. If the car is tilted, and the door is not held in the open position, then insert some object between the body and the door of theYu, for example, a wooden block or rolled up in a newspaper.
Way to improve the plastic door handle two screws with crosswise heads. Gently remove them with Phillips screwdriver. Pry the plastic part with the end of a flat screwdriver and pull up. It should come off the clips and fed up. Gently pull it from the slots. From the back side, locate the block. Press the lock pad and remove the pad from the connector.
At the bottom of the cabin lining, locate the plug, remove it. You will see the head of the bolt. Remove this screw with Phillips screwdriver. Pry with a flat head screwdriver trim and remove it. Remove the three bolts at the bottom of the door. They attach the trim to the base of the door. Unscrew the casing of the button latch of the door. Then gently pry with a screwdriver trim. It is secured with plastic caps. They are very easy to break, so pre-buy a few dozen new caps.
Disconnect pad wires connected to the speaker. Remove the screws holding the chrome handle of the door lock. Remove it and loosen the tension of the cable. Remove from the technical holes the corrugation with wires. Remove the cover of the side mirror and remove the bolts holding the mirror housing. A full review of door complete.