Black or white? Yes or no? Soup or pea soup? If the person requires a clear answer to these questions, not giving time to think, to question, to search for objectivity, finally, it is possible to diagnose exactly – before you classic maximalist. The desire for absolute Maxim is the main dominant of his character, dictating, as a rule, intolerant behavior.

"Do not enter into arguments and debates because, if developed, the dominant, it can not be overcome by words and beliefs, she will just eat and eat."

Intolerance as a way of life

Gray, and even more shades in the color spectrum from white to black the Ile on the contrary, maximalist does not exist. As there are no words "maybe, but...". And if between soup and pea soup you suddenly choose a hodgepodge, in advance, be prepared for the moral humiliation – maximalist'll rubbing you hard-hitting characteristics, calling in the best case do not have a firm position, infirm person. First, you choose the soup, as the only correct answer. Second, chose your option and this breaks the mind of a maximalist. They are generally intolerant, and their principles are simple: whoever is not with us is against us; step left, step right – execution.

"We have no chance to do a lot of things, each of which can be called great. Because it's our life. Life is short, and You die. Do you know that?"
Steve Jobs

It is bad perfectionism?

There are two kinds of adult maximalists: the perfectionist and paranoid. And those and others move humanity forward. But if perfectionists aspire to progress and a brighter future, then paranoid, often at the cost of many human lives, plunge the society to regress.

"We are here to contribute to this world. Otherwise, why are we here?"
Steve Jobs

A perfectionist strives primarily for self-improvement and then to improve the world. Paranoid - always ideological fighter. Paranoid turns any life setting so that they match with the greatest benefit to the idea that it was overcome in this particular historical period in the life of mankind: correct only what he wants to achieve this by any means.

"Maybe it is so it need to old comrades so easily and so simply went down to the grave"
Joseph Stalin

Among perfectionists is found in many famous creative people, especially in the Sciences, philosophy, music, or new technologies like Steve jobs, for example. He and others like him maximalists cultivate creative research, because they are driven by the desire of change and self, and external world.

Among paranoid famous people are also many and mostly politicians-dictators, strengthen its credibility with the tenure of the government. They believe in their infallibility and impunity, the ideal self, which, in their opinion, beautiful and requires no development.

The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.
E. M. Remarque. "Black obelisk"

The failure of the paranoid critical thinking, the actual awareness of reality, to creative development, leads to stagnation and stagnation of society. And almost always, at tremendous human cost. For these extremists it's most important to keep others in the sphere of their own interests, to suppress any contrary influence their emotional state. To impose values and put limits on the best to achieve the goal of a dictator.

Is there a cure for perfectionism

Choosing between "Yes" and "no", you can always feel the maximalists. Several times a day we are, isn't it? Listen to yourself: if you categorically insist that the choice can be only one of the two, you're a maximalist. If you are intolerant to the opinions of others – you are a maximalist. And this must have something to do.

Give yourself permission to doubt by asking simple questions: does what I am defending, it is vital for me? Are you suffering from my categorical people? Did I save the humanity that is ready to kill all who disagree with me? If you are able to admit what is wrong – you are treatable. If not, the next stage of maximalism - senility. You just have to be ready for it.