Choose the type of weapon in advance. The fact is that depending on what the muzzle power of the weapon depends on whether you need the paperwork for the purchase and use of airguns. For weapons, whose power less than 7.5 J, permission to buy and wear is not required. If this weapon fits you, go to the store and buy your favorite model.
Choosing a weapon, do not rely only on external preferences. Consult with owners of different weapons, read detailed information online, ask in detail consultants in several stores. If you need a weapon with more power than 7, 5 j, it is necessary to obtain a license. Pass a medical examination at any clinic or medical center.
Received doctors if it allows you to use a weaponof m, go to the police station to which you geographically belong. Write an application for a license to buy weapons. Pay the required state fee. If there are no restrictions for you, you will receive this document in a week.
The license is valid for 6 months. If you do not purchase weapons in this period, the document will have to renew or return it to the police. Go to the store with the received license. Select weapons, purchase of which is permitted to you. The seller will fill out the registration sheet and leave yourself 2 back from the license, the third will give you.
With the rest of the document go to the Licensing Department of Licensing to register your weapons and get permission to use, carry and store. Resolution is within one month. After receiving it begin to take into account your experience of use of weapons ofm