You will need
  • Computer.
Deleting individual files. Let's start small. Planning to remove any information from the computer, you need to find its location. Once you will find a folder with the right data, you need to remove it, by clicking the right mouse button and clicking on the Remove option. After confirmation of the transaction information will be destroyed. You have only to empty the trash to hide the traces of her presence. If you need to remove all files and documents on the computer, you can do it in some other way.
Delete all files except system documents. Open the folder "My computer" and select drive "C" (normally it installs the system and is save different data). Delete the folder, but the folder "Windows". For this you need to allocate the necessary directories and delete them by pressing the "Delete" button. After uninstalling don't forget to clean the contents of the basket. To delete documents on other drives, run them in full format in a slow mode.
If you wish to remove completely all informationthat is stored on your hard disk you need to format all partitions. Note that performing this operation, you will destroy system files. If you do not mind this, perform the following steps. First start formatting those discs that do not have an operating system. It is quite simple: the disk icon is pressed right mouse button, and then select "Formatting". Only after you format all disks, except system, you can proceed to formatting the partition OS.