Learn restraint and calm. You should be able in any situation to remain calm, especially in cases where your man is an angry man. Inability to time to control your emotions only leads to quarrels and misunderstandings. Even if you really want to vent your emotions, remember that this does not solve the problem. Solved it can only be sober and sensible analysis of the situation, but certainly not a scandal.
Direct their efforts not against each other, but somewhere in the same direction. Find a common problem that both of you would like to handle. Let this problem will become for the two of you like a common "enemy." This will help you to feel that are on the same side of the fence, and quarrel and make trouble in this case is totally inappropriate.
Use the element of surprise. In that moment, when you feel that a scandal was brewing and it cannot be avoided, try to surprise your man in any unusual, unexpected effect. For example, all of a sudden begin performing some physical exercise. The main thing – do not fold stick, that the man took your actions for mockery and not get mad even more.
Stop being offended by everything. A man loves to be a joke? If he really loves you, then surely in his jokes is there's nothing truly offensive. Learn how to treat them calmly and with humor. In addition, it happens that a man begins to make fun of, because of something unhappy and wants to provoke a quarrel, to sort things out. If you do this, you will be calm and indifference to his barbs, he will understand that his efforts in vain, and stop this circus.
Learn how to constantly maintain your man. Men, despite the fact that they consider themselves the stronger sex, very often need support, reliable shoulder. They need a person to speak, to complain, the person who'll regret it man. Become for my man a man can't accuse him of weakness – after all, support is needed for everyone.
Stop pretending to be the victim. If you start to indulge your significant other to the detriment of themselves, no understanding will not work – you will feel resentful and he feels that has over you absolute power. If you don't like something – say it, not pushing too hard and do not take on the role of a commander.