No offense silently. Indeed, sometimes silence can be a lot to say, but if you see that it has no effect on your guy, do not be silent long. Look for other ways to convey to him his guilt. Try to talk to him. Do not start a new fight, try to get your point across gently and quietly. Explain to your partner what exactly he was wrong.
Analyze your argument. Remember every word to address each other. If you want to make it clear to the guy his guilt, it is not enough to say that he hurt you with their words or actions. In a relaxed atmosphere will remind him about them and ask how he would react to such actions and words in his address. Do not go to Creek, do not read the arguments point by point, because you are on the court.
Wait for a while after an argument. No need to start to sort things out right after her, you both need some time to cool off and calm down. The right words you can say in a calm state, when the resentment and anger subside.
To your young man better understood, it is not necessary to focus only on yourself. Tell him you understand that he too was hard and unpleasant. Remove your pride and apologize for those wrongs which caused it before. So he sees that your feelings are more important than pride, and will also go forward. Do not forget that the man is very proud by nature, and if he sincerely apologizes, then you he is really really care about you.
Learn how to calmly discuss all the problems in the relationship. If you are close, so you are strangers to each other, and common problems need to be solved together. To overcome the difficulties together as a couple to find their causes and solutions. It is not necessary to put this responsibility on someone one. The relationships really need to work, and if you have both there is such a desire, then you will succeed.