Advice 1: How to log on to the Internet via wi-fi

Wi-fi becoming the preferred type of connection, as in a public place, at home or in the office. There are two significant advantages that many users stand out among others, namely the lack of wires and almost universal access.
How to log on to the Internet via wi-fi
In case of contact with computer or laptop in the coverage area of the wireless network and availability of wi-fi connection (home, apartment, hotel, airport, cafe, Park, etc.) it usually finds the network. This can be understood via the activation icon in the bottom right of the screen. It becomes more bright and slightly flickering.
If the network is free, the Internet connects automatically. If not, try clicking on the icon and select "Wireless & networks" in the appeared menu. Usually this displays a small list of wireless networks, the source of which is nearby. But most of them are protected by the access code, as evidenced by the key icon next to the name. If the access code is known, enter it, and the rest of the computer will do it myself.
If you assume that the network is free, but connection is not happening, then you should contact your public place where you are. Typically, such problems arise in airports, railway stations, cafes, restaurants and other public places.
Sometimes, the computer was able to successfully log on to the Internet via wi-fi, but you still can not get to the desired email address. Just try to start the browser. You may see a page with the prices and the payment methods. Please review them and contact the appropriate service to charge for access. This practice is often used in hotels.
The access key is usually entered once. Next time when your computer will be in range of that network, the connection will happen automatically, provided paid bills, of course.
To disconnect from a wireless network is not required, the computer will also do it myself, once out of its zone of action. Yourself this can be done by clicking the wireless connection and click "Disconnect". In addition, it is possible to disconnect via the menu "start" -> "Connections" -> "Disconnect".
Disadvantages of connecting via wi-fi is the lack of access points (hotspots) in small towns and other settlements. Typically, this can boast only of a large city and Grand Central airports.

Advice 2 : What have the keys to the apartment

Seen in a dream the keys to the apartment can have totally opposite meanings. In the interpretation of such dreams should pay attention to their number, size and variety of nuances. In a broad sense, the key is a symbol of new possibilities.
The keys to the apartment

What dreams the key to the apartment

If you dream you lost the keys to the apartment and diligently trying to find them, then in reality you may be a victim of theft. Give extra attention to his emotions during the search. If you very much worry or cry, it portends a sad event or a loss of any value. If you're just trying to remember where you put your keys, the changes will not cause you too much grief. In addition, lost in the dream keys are a hint that in real life you are careless or irresponsible.
If in the dream the keys to the apartment hanging on your neck, you worry in reality, absolutely nothing. You are under the protection of a higher power.

If you broke the key to the apartment, in real life, you are not too pleasant changes. Perhaps you will move to a new place of residence, and the reason for the move is a disorder in the family, adultery or serious illness.

If you dream you found the keys to the apartment, the events of the near future will definitely change your life for the better. Note the size of the keys. The bigger the bundle, and the keys themselves, the more favorable will be the new period.

Find the key and try to remember where you've seen him before, dreaming to receive valuable information. Probably, you will reveal any secret or you will get an answer to a question that gives you peace of mind for a long time.

The nuances

If you dream you closed the door of the apartment, such a sign foretells good luck in your personal life. For young girls, such a dream could Herald the long-awaited receipt of a proposal from a man or meeting her future husband.
Golden keys in a dream represent support from very influential people. It is likely that your life will be a patron, is able to solve all the problems.

If you dream you held the keys in his hand and just touched their fingers, in reality, you can be called a rightful owner of his own life. All that will happen to you in the near future, depends on you.

Presented the keys to the apartment are symbols of the best deals, change jobs or promotions. Very soon you will see new perspectives, which should always try to use it.

If you dream you are holding only one key, which is hanging on the ring or fastened to the housekeeper, then in real life will notice some other traits of his character. Most likely, you lack the determination and commitment that will lead to fail of business. Your success will be proportional to the efforts.

To open the apartment door in my sleep and with one twist of the key – sign, heralding the humiliation. Someone from your environment will try to shame or ridicule. If you are confident in your abilities, don't start disputes with powerful or aggressive people. Such disputes can ruin your reputation.

Advice 3 : What does the size of the neck area

Modern prenatal diagnostics allows not only to determine the sex of the child long before his birth, but also helps to identify possible malformations, most of which become visible under ultrasound. One of the important indicators identified in the first ultrasound screening is the size of the fetal neck area.
What does the size of the neck area

First trimester screening

First trimester screening is performed between 11 and 14 weeks of fetal development of unborn babies. The doctor pays special attention to the so-called neck area, the size of which is determined by the amount of accumulated lymphatic fluid in the occipital region of the fetus. The increase in number could signal the presence of a possible genetic defect such as trisomy 21, which is the cause of down syndrome.

The dimensions of the neck area

The size of the neck area depends on the age of the fetus. At the beginning of the 11th week of the normal value of up to 2 mm by the end of the 13th week it can reach 2.8 mm. it is not necessary to panic if the numbers are slightly inflated. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 children with the size of the neck area between 2.5 and 3.5 mm are born perfectly healthy. And only when the index is significantly overvalued, such as 5-6 mm or more, it is possible to suspect the presence of a genetic defect. After 13-weeks formed the lymphatic system of the fetus, the fluid from the neck area spreads through the vessels of the body, and the measurements cease to be relevant.

Additional research

Moreover, it should be understood that these figures though are considered quite important in prenatal diagnosis, in and of themselves are not a diagnosis. It's just a screening that helps to assess the risk of occurrence of a disease. Therefore no doctor has the right, based only on the high value of the size of the neck area, to send a woman to an abortion. Accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the neck does not necessarily mean that the child has some genetic defect. On the other hand, no one can guarantee that the fetus with a normal neck area could be born perfectly healthy. Therefore, as may be necessary and other studies. For example, cordocentesis or analysis of amniotic fluid, which can provide more specific data about the health of the baby.

Measurement error

Besides do not forget about the likelihood of measurement error. The fetus is still so small and measure down to tenths of a millimeter is difficult. And the unit may be old and the doctor still not so experienced, and the position of the fetus not the best, so if the first trimester screening were obtained questionable results should always double check with another professional, and other equipment.

Advice 4 : How to distribute a cable Internet connection with a computer via WI-FI

Wi-Fi networks today are used everywhere and for most this is the best way of connecting to the Internet. Some users may want to use one straightforward way to create a workable access point wifi even without a router.
How to distribute a cable Internet connection with a computer via WI-FI
The first is to say that the user will need either a laptopwith built-in Wi-Fi adapter, or a desktop computer that has a USB adapter for Wi-Fi. This device coupled with the computer will be the access point Wi-Fi. In fact to create the access point need only these two devices, the rest will perform the software.

Basic settings

All actions required to be carried out at the main computer, ie on that PC that will act as a access point. The first step is to open the start menu and go to "control Panel". In the new window, select "Network connections". Here the user needs to find a shortcut to the connection on "wireless network connection" and click on it right mouse button and from the appearing context menu "Enable". After launch, need to go to Properties of the wireless connection, which is also displayed in this context menu. Then double-click "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)". The settings specify the following information: IP address - subnet mask - On the second computer are: IP address - subnet mask - and default gateway In the box default gateway enter the ip address of the first computer that is connected to the network via cable.

The last steps

After the above settings are saved, again you want to return to the first computer. In the properties of your wireless connection, please open the tab "Wireless networks" and click on the "Add" button. It is here that you will create a wireless Wi-Fi network. In the next window remove the check mark from the Key is provided automatically" and set it to the value "This is a direct connection the computer-computer". In the "network Key" enter the password with which the user will connect to the wireless network (you can invent your own). In the drop-down menu "authentication" select "Shared" and encryption type select WEP. In the tab "Connection", you should put a tick next to "Connect when this network is in range" and save all changes. You need to do all the same manipulations on the second computer, then the user will have the option of browsing the Internet over Wi-Fi.

The same can be repeated on all computers and laptops that need to connect to a wireless network.

Advice 5 : How to share an Internet connection with a tablet

According to statistics more than seventy percent of the phones and tablets operate on the Android system, which has a lot of possibilities. Usually people use only a small part of them. Most often smartphones and tablets used to access the Internet. But if necessary they can be turned into a point of distribution Wi-Fi for friends.
How to share an Internet connection with a tablet
You will need
  • Android device
Make sure that your tablet sees the network and can connect to it, without it you will not be able to make it an access point.
Go to settings on your device. Standard icon the menu is a gear.
Next you need to select "advanced settings", find "tethering and hotspot". Default portable hotspot on android devices is disabled.
Activate this item by sliding the lever to the right. Then your device is short, "think".
Your tablet prompts you for confirmation to disable Wi-Fi. Confirm. Alas, your device can not simultaneously share an Internet connection and be connected via Wi-Fi.
After the unit is turned on, click on "Portable hotspot Wi-Fi" to obtain all the necessary connection information, namely the network name and password. This data will not change during the following connections.
Use this information to sign in from another device or report that data to the other.
If you are going to actively use the tablet while it gives Internet to other users, and you have no way to put it on the charger, reduce screen brightness, it will prolong the life of the battery.
To do this, use the main control panel which slides over or to the side and slide the brightness slider to the left. Brightness reduced by fifty percent, greatly slows the rate of discharge of the device.
In parallel with the distribution of Wi-Fi you can use mobile Internet to access the network from the tablet.
Useful advice
Distribution of Wi-Fi accelerates battery drain, so in an ideal situation it is better to put the tablet to charge, or at least turn the screen off.

Advice 6 : How to connect Internet to iPod

Today life cannot be imagined without the Internet: work, communication, entertainment – everything is online. To connect to the world wide web, you can use multiple devices, one of which is iPod. At home or in places with a wireless connection, it is expedient to connect the Internet to the iPod via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and in offline mode you can use the mobile Internet.
How to connect Internet to iPod
You will need
  • - iPod;
  • - Bluetooth;
  • a laptop or computer with Wi - Fi.
Before you connect the Internet to the iPod via Bluetooth, make sure that the connection works connection. In the iPod menu, select the path "Settings" - "General" - "Bluetooth". Include a link. Connecting the gadget to the Internet automatically.
Подключите3G the Internet to the iPod with a mobile operator. Open the menu and select "Settings". Enter the "Cellular data" and make sure mode is enabled. At the same time disconnect the connection in the roaming for savings.
Enter "APN Settings" data from your cellular operator, but the pre-view them in the user settings. Reset iPod after the introduction of the settings and save all data. For a comfortable Internet connection, use the Safari browser.
Connect the Internet to the iPod, making the laptop with built-in Wi-Fi access point to the network. If you are setting up Internet for the first time, start with with connect laptop. To start off the protection on the computer.
In control panel select "Network connections", then click on "Wireless network connection". In paragraph "Related tasks" edit additional parameters by adding the item "Wireless networks".
Complete the tab "Connection" and "Connection". Enter a share name, allow the connection, set direct connection "Computer-computer". In the tab "Security" check open authentication.
Specify the 11-character key, after removing the tick from the automatic provision of the key. Confirm the entered key. Select the WEP encryption. In the tab Connection allow the connection if the network is in range.
Go back to network connections and select the connection you want to connect your laptop to the Internet. In the "Properties" select "Advanced" and enable the connection of other network users.
After completed operations, the time has come to connect the Internet to the iPod. Enable in "Settings" Wi-Fi, wait for the search network and select it. Enter the password and click "Join". Log in to the advanced connection properties and enter the missing configuration, and then use the Internet.
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