You will need
  • - clamps
  • - thread lock;
  • cutters for hydraulic line;
  • - hexagon five millimeter.
Remove your old brake off the bike and clean them from dust and dirt. To throw them not worth it, because the road can happen anywhere, and they'll come in handy as a backup.
Attach to the wheel brake handle, check whether you have them set, and then adjust them in the desired position. When installing, be careful not to put your right arm instead of left or Vice versa.
Install on the frame the levers assure solid, worry. Some downhillers require an additional install of the adapter, which is fixed by special bolts. Make sure that all the bolts have thread lock. Availability you can find out by applied adhesive substance bright colors. If the lock is missing, apply it.
Put on sleeve brake discs and gently attach them with screws provided. Be careful, some mounting bolts may be exotic heads that cause disturbance during installation. In this case, change them immediately on the other bolts that fit the hexagon. This will facilitate the process of establishing and further drives its use.
Attach the hydraulic hose to the frame using the clamp. At this stage, be very careful and accurate. If your frame has special guides for the hydraulic lines, you just have to put it in the right recess and clamp it. Very often, on the frames there are clips in which the hydraulic hose must be screwed through. There is not hurry and try not to twist, otherwise the result will disappoint you at the first visit.