You will need
  • Fabric, wide satin ribbon, needle and thread, sewing machine, wool or any other packing material, a bead (or beads, or sequins), elastic woven (prodesca).
Fold the fabric in half (you should have two layers of fabric) and draw a circle of arbitrary diameter. If the circle is smooth, you can use other materials, for example, to wrap the coil.
Prostrochite contour of the the circle on the sewing machine. The color of thread should be in harmony with the colors of your chosen fabric.
Cut out the circle. Be careful not to damage the joints; this deviate from them by 3-5 mm. Make a well in the middle of the circle with one side a small incision and remove the product inside out. Put any packing material (e.g. cotton) to get a little cushion. It needs to be quite flat. Carefully sew the cut manually.
In the needle thread beautiful silk thread, fold it in half and tie a knot at the ends. Stick the needle center the pads on the reverse side so that the thread came out on the front side. Repeat the process and tighten the resulting loop. Divide the cushion into five equal parts and repeat all of the above.
Sew in the center of the resulting flower a few beads or sequins.
"Wear" the flower on the invisible. Barrette is ready. These flowers masteritsa very fast and you can produce them in large quantity.
These homemade flowers can decorate not only hairpins but also elastic bands for hair, elastic band only to have to sew. To make a band by yourself is quite simple. Take the woven elastic ("prodejce") and wide satin ribbon (it should be twice as long as the gum). Sew the ribbon with the wrong side on the long edge to make a kind of "tube", and turn right side out. Using a pin, slide back the rubber band. First stitch the edge of the gum, and then the ends of the "box". Gum ready – it remains to decorate it with flowers. Sew one or more flowers at your discretion.