Pick a thick enough yarn of wool or acrylic and find suitable for the thickness of the crochet hook. Tie spiral simple beanie, promazyvaya chains of columns with one nakida and not making the loop too tight. After hat is ready, take the yarn and cut it into strips suitable for the future wigand length.
Take three or four strings, fold them in half and priderite in the loop of the cap, making a kind of fringe. Then take another bundle of yarns folded in two and priderite it next to the previous one.
Continue to braid cap a fringe of filaments, starting from top to bottom edge. By varying the length of the strands, you can vary the density and volume of the wig. The denser to each other there will be bundles of fibers, the more uniform will be the cover of your wig, and the less visible the base of the cap.
Try on the wig in the manufacturing process – after fitting to adjust the shape and length of "hair", vestregate bangs and add missing strands where it is noticeable the Foundation of the wig. Do not allow "bald" areas on wige – fill it with strands completely.
To make a wig more natural, you can instead of yarn to weave the hat artificial hair (kanekalon), choosing fine strands from the total pack.
Finished the wig and shake it into shape and make hair style – braids, ponytails, or leave the hair loose.