Rusty residue in the kettle, dishwasher and washing machine you can remove the citric acid.
In kettle pour 2 packs of acid, then boil the water and let it stand, then boil and discard the water. The kettle thoroughly.
In the washing machine or dishwasher fill 100 gr. citric acid. Start in idle mode (no linen or crockery).
Instead of lemon acid it is possible to use various descaling agents, which are sold in stores.
Rust on the sink can be removed with a mixture of citric acid and baking soda. Mix ingredients in the proportions 1 to 1 and brush. Upon contact with water the mixture begins to foam, but the result is not affected.
The plaque from the mold can be removed using water and bleach. Thoroughly wash the walls, solution is desirable to be strong, then rinse with water and ventilate the room.
The coating on the furniture from condensation has a white shade that is easily removed with a detergent for dishes, then liquid glass cleaner to get rid of its stripes. You can use a special means for cleaning of furniture, but preferably those that do not have wax.
Plaque from nicotine and soot is almost impossible to remove. Furniture wipe detergent. If the Wallpaper is washable and also. To do this, use any soap, non-aggressive solution (without acid). Then rinse thoroughly with clean water, otherwise there may be formed a white band. If the ceiling is painted with latex paint, you can just repaint. All kinds of washable ceiling to the wash for glass and soap solution.
To remove plaque you can use special funds sold in stores. Each of them is marked, and what to clean. This is probably the best option, because all the modern means for removal of plaque not only help to get rid of it, but also provide a protective film that prevents the formation of a new layer of plaque.