Witnesses called to court by a special document – the agenda. To inform the court about calling witnesses is necessary in the form of a petition. A motion to call a witness must be made in writing, it must state the place of residence of the witness, his / her personal data, what circumstances he can clarify or confirm in court.
If you send a request to call a witness by mail, you should make an inventory of the document, sealed in an envelope and send it certified mail. So you will be sure that the application brought before the court.
Can petition the court yourself. Bring the document to the court in two copies. One of them is to give to the office, where it will register and assign a unique number, in addition, on the second copy you will put the date of the admission document and duplicate the number. At the bottom put the signature of the person who approved the request.
At the hearing, the presiding judge at the beginning necessarily hears all petitions of the persons participating in the process. The statement of the witness must be in writing, in this case it is better to prepare in advance in two copies. It is better to prepare a document on the number of persons involved in the process.
If the witness because of various reasons can not appear in court to testify, you can apply for the interview remotely. The witness may be interrogated at the place of residence, using programs visual communication (Skype) in the hall of the judicial meeting.
A subpoena on the witness writes the Secretary of the judicial meeting. The document States the place of residence of the witness, his / her personal data, the number of the case on which he must appear in court to testify and the time of the hearing.
The agenda can be handed personally, and you can use the post office. In this case, it is necessary to send a summons in the form of a registered letter. The mailman, delivering a paper, take the receipt of service of the summons or refuse to accept it. In addition, in the absence of recipient at home this too will be recorded in the notification. Is allowed to send a letter with the agenda also at the place of work of witness, in this case, the chance that the document will reach the destination increases.
Personally served with a writ solely under the signature of the person to whom it is intended. Witness in civil proceedings may not be compelled to appear before the court, his appearance at a judicial session should be voluntary. In criminal proceedings the delivery of the witness in court is mandatory.