You will need
  • - end head 10;
  • key;
  • - screwdriver.
The dismantling of the external rear view mirrors Ford Focusautoraise the door and lower the glass. Remove handle mounted on the adjusting lever. Carefully remove the insert, situated on a corner decorative trim door car. When removing the insert you will feel a slight resistance created by the special latches, locking it. Do not apply too much force you might break the clips.
Remove the door trim of the vehicle. To do this, Unscrew the bolt of fastening of a decorative moulding. Detach the escutcheon from the door panel. It is necessary to exert a small force to overcome the resistance of its retaining clips. Carefully peel the tape from the door - this will provide you with free access to electric connectors.
Slightly slide the panel aside and locate the harness wires. Disconnect the outside mirror from the pad and remove it.
Disconnect the Shoe. To do this, squeeze installed on the block of circuits exterior mirror.
Loosen the bolts and remove the control button located on the plate. Remove the seal with a special ring.
Alternately Unscrew the screws securing exterior mirror. Neatly print the hook, located at the base of the mirror from the hole of door panel. Disassemble the mirror.
The inner rear view mirror Ford Focussat inner mirror of the car "bare hands" - without using any tool. Locate the latch mounted on the mirror and rotate it with your finger. Slide the mirror from the bracket by pulling it upward. Installation interior mirror in the reverse order.