You will need
  • - manual operation of the vehicle;
  • - a set of tools;
  • - cotton gloves.
Driving the car into the garage. Apply the Parking brake and stop the car. Open the hood. Remove the plastic cover that protects the battery. Unscrew the nuts and remove the terminals from the battery. Be careful that the clamps do not touch each other. The removal of the terminals is necessary in order to disconnect the onboard power supply system.
Carefully remove the trim - oval rings on the holes of the air duct and trim panel.
Disassemble the Central tunnel. To do this, first remove the cover of the gear lever. Then remove the ashtray which is between the driver and passenger seats. Locate the screws that hold the tunnel. Carefully Unscrew them and remove the tunnel.
Pry the radio trim and climate control on the Central part of the torpedo. Under it you will see the screws that hold the mounting block receivers. Unscrew them. Pull the radio and disconnect the wires from the back side.
Pull the wheel to themselves and as lower down. Remove the plastic trim that is under the dash. There you will find two screws that hold the instrument panel. Unscrew them.
Insert a screwdriver exactly in the center under the hood. Find screwdriver the latch and pull up to release it from the bracket. Then slide out the panel itself. Disconnect the connector on the back and fully remove the dashboard.
Remove the trim racks. Each is secured by two screws, which need to be carefully unscrewed. You also need to remove the passenger airbag, if it exists in your configuration. Cushion is secured with two screws. When removing, be very careful. Disconnect the hoses to the ducts on the sides and under the Central part.
Remove the steering column. To do this, remove the protective plastic. Locate the screws holding the base to the axis of the column and remove them. Carefully lower the wheel into the driver's seat. Also remove the bolts that hold the torpedo with a rigid panelth at the windshield. Now the torpedo is held only with plastic clips. Open them and gently pull the torpedo itself.
Disconnect all of the wiring pads, pre-marking them.