You will need
  • - cloth 1 m;
  • - lining fabric 0.5 m;
  • feed belt 15 m;
  • - buckle-8 PCs.;
  • - sticky tape-Velcro;
  • - nylon yarn;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Measure the bust, length, shoulder length, neck circumference. Build a pattern of the vest.
Draw a right angle, put from the top right cut is ¼ of the measurements of the circumference of the neck, down 3 and 10, see Connect a smooth line to a point on horizontal line from point 3 and 10. Thus, work neckline front and back.
From point 3 put down the measure of the length of the product. To the right of it – measure, equal to 1/4 of the circumference of the chest. Swipe up straight. We can measure the shoulder length from neck point. Down from her lower segment, is equal to the desired length of the openings. Swipe to the right from that point straight. Connect the point of intersection with the point of the shoulder.
Cut out the pattern front and back. Apply yourself and make the necessary changes. Unloading should not hamper the movements.
Consider that you will need to wear in the discharge. Draw the location of pockets. The best way is to cut rectangles of different sizes, applying them to pattern and choose the most optimal location.
Take the details of the front and back of the main and lining fabric. If you are going to use offload in a cool time of year, make a strip of holofaybera or a synthetic winterizer. Mark on the front of the vest, the location of all pockets.
That the pockets were bigger, astrocyte the lower corners of the rectangles. Zautyuzhte on the wrong side to allowances of seams. Attach the pockets to the place of safety pins.
Details of the valves fold right sides to each other and astrocyte, leaving open the upper part of the valve. Turn on the front side, sew a piece of Velcro-Velcro or buckle. Pockets and valves pristrochite. In the entrances to the pockets, do the tacking.
Fold the top, the batting and the lining, and fasten with pins. Run side and shoulder seams. Turn over all the slices belt tape.
Mark the lines for the belts "web" and fasteners. Sew the straps at the ends of lines do tie. Attach the buckle. The discharge base is ready.