You will need
  • - pattern basis;
  • - the range;
  • pencil;
  • - Mel;
  • cloth.
Make a pattern the fundamentals of gowns in accordance with measurement results of the figure. This standard pattern save, always it is necessary to have on hand for those who like to sew. The horizontal line below the waist 5-8 cm select the length of the vest.
Take a picture of the back. Sprout make deeper and wider. From Rostock through the middle of the back set aside 6-10 cm and spend a horizontal line, this line will be Flirty. From it the armhole set aside 1.5–2 cm down to the point connect with the middle line of the yoke.
Take a picture of the front. Expand the neck. Add stock buttons 2-3 cm Connect a smooth or straight line prosanos for the buttons and the neckline with a shoulder cut. Draw a line coquette, for this measure through the arm openings, neckline and left side tuck 6-9 cm and connect the resulting points by a straight line with a ruler.
Apply a line of relief. To do this, divide in half the line of yoke from the Darts to the armhole. Marked point connect with the upper point of the chest, the line will continue to tuck at the waist. The bottom of the front is complete with a smooth curve.
All the part number to avoid confusion when cutting.
Cut the pattern along the lines of reliefs and yoke.
Lay the pattern pieces on the fabric. Make sure that the direction of the grain lines matched the pattern for the front and back of equity thread should go vertically, the yoke can be both vertical and horizontal.
In addition to the two parts of the front and one part of the back cutting Podkayne piping for zipper, armholes, Rostock and of the neck and bottom of vest. If you are going to sew the vest with half-belt, cutting also equity strip width 4-5 cm, length 35-40 cm
Add seam, 0.7–2 cm on each side where you want the seam. Trace all items with chalk or pencil.
Make sure nothing is forgotten, everything considered, and correctly cut out the vest. Then cut out parts and sew a new stylish thing for your wardrobe.