You will need
  • - set the tyre pressure sensors;
  • - a new program for updating the firmware;
  • - new parts for suspension repairs.
Clear your car of any extra weight. Niva is a very spacious car with large trunk. So over time you can accumulate a considerable number of unnecessary things. They do not interfere with comfortable to move, however, creates excessive weight. The heavier the car the more power you have to develop the engine, that is, there is a penconsumption of fuel. Try not to carry constantly with itself a sack of potatoes, or sets of old rubber. Follow clearance of your car. The reduction in clearance may be a problem with the suspension, which must be repaired promptly.
Follow the tire pressure. Very often, run-flat tires are the direct cause of the featherconsumptionand fuel. The thing is that the engine has to waste power not only to move the car from the scene, but also to overcome the resistance run-flat tire. Therefore, the consumption of fuel starts to rise sharply. It is necessary before each trip check pressure in tires. Not to run every time with the pump, purchase and install a set of pressure sensors. They are easy to install in place of the caps and allow you to constantly see on the screen of a small monitor air pressure in each tire.
Try to change the style of driving. Try to go for direct transmission. Do not exceed the maximum permitted speed. Try to slow the car with downshifts. If you change the driving style, notice how the consumption of fuel is considerably reduced.
Install a new program for the engine control, that is, fill the brains of the car the new firmware. This method is suitable only for injection of the option Fields. It is good because it allows you to choose the most convenient ratio according to the criteria of consumption and power. If you want to get the minimum consumption, you have to sacrifice power. The reflashing of the ECU is best left to professionals.