You will need
  • screwdriver, circuit Assembly, disassembled the crib, screws, cap screws
Prepare a space to build a light cloth or paper to avoid scratching the components of the cot and while to detect all the lost cogs.
Screw the rear wall to the side walls of the crib with screws included in the kit. This usually requires 4 screws, two on each side. Don't confuse the top and bottom of the rear wall. On the side panels usually have legs, so what is there to confuse difficult.
Install the bed of the crib. Sometimes it is a one-piece element, and in some models the cross-boards fastened by a cord is laid into the slots of the rear wall and a dedicated bar. Do not attach until the bed much, just "engage" screws.
In special guide grooves of the side walls, insert the movable front wall of the crib, you can now fasten the box with screws as it should.
Flip the entire structure, you will find metal grooves for the insertion of wheels. If you plan to roll the crib, then paste them, and if you swing it from side to side on the curved lower elements of the side walls, do not insert.
If you have a circular bed, it's time to do the Assembly mechanism of the pendulum. Be sure to insert into the body of the pendulum box for linen, and then secure the side wall of the pendulum screws.
Put the assembled bed on the pendulum, use of bearing mechanisms, careful to match the holes for the clips. Install the clips. Close all screws plugs for beauty.