Find out in the hospital in advance that you need to take for the child. In most maternity hospitals use their sterile diapers and vests and are not allowed to bring anything extra. Parents are asked to bring only diapers. Do not take them a lot at once. We need to assess the skin reaction of a baby to the material from which they are made, the right size.

From the care the baby will need a baby soap without any additives and diaper cream. You can pick up an electronic thermometer, it is the ordinary that issue in hospitals, because it greatly accelerates the process of temperature measurement. In some nursing homes may require more sterile bandages and wipes to care for the child. Take a small towel, about the size of a man's handkerchief, it will be convenient to wipe the baby after vomiting.

If the hospital is private and it is different from the state maternity practices, you may be allowed to bring their own clothes for the newborn. What will you dress your baby entirely depends on you. Usually uses two pins: a thin and a thicker cap or a kerchief, a diaper, and then thin and thick (flannel) diaper. Some parents immediately put on the baby's overalls over a shirt and diaper.

On discharge from the hospital is necessary to prepare all their. Much easier to wear the baby, and not a homemade diaper gauze. Consider weather conditions when choosing clothes for a newborn: it should not freeze, but also to overheat him too to anything. If it's cold outside, be sure to wrap baby in baby blanket: thin or thick, depending on the weather. If you decided to do without the blankets, then on top of overalls (or warm light) wear more warm jacket and pants, it is possible and wool socks don't forget a hat or cap. A child's place in the envelope.