Prepare carpet for sale. It must first clean, even if he for some time stood collapsed. If it is not very dirty, then maybe it will be enough just to vacuum it properly. In that case, when it will show up stains, purchase a special tools for cleaning carpets and try to bring contamination. Should not be used for cleaning a vacuum cleaner to dry the pile well you will not succeed and carpet mites love to live.
Heavily contaminated carpet hand dry cleaning or clearing company, practicing the carpet cleaning. These companies use cleaning agents which not only remove stains, but also freshen up the colors, make them brighter. Such a procedure may well pay off, as it will allow you to increase the sale value of the carpet.
Take pictures of the carpet, photographing it with a digital camera. Photos it's better to make at least two. One your carpet needs to be shown fully on the second – take a picture of part of it closeup so you can see the structure of the pile.
Place an ad in local Newspapers such as "easy hands" or "hand in hand". Pictures they don't usually take, but try to find a few "warm" words about your carpet to attract the attention of the buyer. The Declaration must indicate the dimensions, the country where it was woven, year of manufacture, if known, and the material from which is woven. Please tell us about the condition of the carpet, whether hung it on the wall or a decorative element on the floor in the room. Don't forget to write your contact numbers and email address.
In addition, place these ads on the Internet, on specialized sites where your carpet can find a new owners. Attach to the ad pictures and wait when will be the buyers. Before their arrival, lay the rug, as they surely will want to see it fully unfolded.