Use to reduce consumptionand fuel optimal driving style of the car. The movement should be quiet, and the engine speed it is desirable to keep within the 1600-2000 rpm. Significant consumption of fuel occurs when the car switches to a higher gear at high revs. So try not to increase speed too much in order not to increase the burden on the units.
Inspect the air filter of the diesel engine. To do this, disconnect it and visually check for clearance. If the filter does not transmit light, it must be replaced. Replace the filter with a new one and periodically check its status. The new filter allows the engine to run at lower RPMs and significantly reduce the consumption of diesel fuel.
Use engine oil with low viscosity. Choose high-quality materials trusted and recognized manufacturers. This measure also extends the service life of a diesel engine and reduces the consumption ofa fuel by a few percent. Follow the manufacturer's set the replacement time of oil.
Check with those in the vehicle's technical documentation standards for tyre pressure and increase the recommended settings on 0.2 atmosphere. This will reduce the drag of a car rolling and, accordingly, the consumption of diesel fuel. Use this method carefully, because overinflated tires make the vehicle more rigid and can shorten the life of the suspension.
Stay tuned to the turbine, which is equipped with the engine didn't pump too cylinders because of the active pumping leads to increased consumptionand fuel. If the operating rules allow, disable the turbine. Note, however, that traction motor is reduced significantly. Select what is important to you – pull or saving fuel.