You will need
  • - magnifier;
  • - ultraviolet lamp;
  • - the real law.
To distinguish these driving rights from counterfeits, you should study the paper under the laminate. It is better to use a magnifying glass, and for comparison, take these rights. Paper Blanca driver's license with the fibers are protected by watermarks and a special protective grid. Under the UV lamp on the letterhead of the documents one can clearly see the inscription "RUS", as well as fibers that are not visible in normal lighting.
Look how decorated category of rights. On this license category on the right of control of the vehicle surrounding in a special cell, the rest are marked with asterisks.
Then notice how the decorated dates on the driver's rightH. Genuine rights have the following format for dates:
Look at the reverse side of the documents. It should be information about the categories of vehicles.
Now look at the basic stamp driving license that is next to the personal information about the holder of the permit. In addition to the abbreviation "traffic police" shows two numbers: the top number is a special code, and the lower one is the code of the employee of traffic police who issued driving law.