Buy medicines from reputable pharmacies who worked well with you and your friends. In any case do not take medicines with hands on the market. Now popular is to buy medicines through the Internet-shops. On the one hand, very convenient when you don't need to rush through the city in search of the right product, but on the other, the risk of buying a fake is very high. So you should very careful to use such services.
When buying medicines carefully consider and examine the package. It must be intact, undamaged made from high quality material. All decals and paint it should be clear, crisp and bright. The name of the medicine and the active substance must be identical with that prescribed by the doctor. If there are differences in at least one letter, then do not purchase this drug.
Look at the annotation to the medication. It should be printed, not photocopied. The text should be legible and readable. Again, must match the name of the drug, the active substance with what the doctor ordered. In modern medicine abstract is composed in such a way that shares the blister or bottle in half. In the fake products and the annotation and the drug are separated.
Compare the series, production date and expiry date mentioned on the carton and on the blister (or bottle). If the data does not match, then before you fake.
Ask the seller a certificate of compliance, if in doubt about the authenticity of the medication. It must be specified trade and international name of the product, firm and country where manufactured medicine information that this party has passed the quality control, and has passport quality control, quality certificate of the manufacturer.
Ask your doctor who prescribed you the drug to show how it should look. Manufacturers usually applied to the packaging of the treatment of the various distinctive signs in the form of a hologram, inscriptions on tablets, etc.
If the medicine you are unknown, review the information about him in the Handbook of drugs (RLS). In this Handbook there is a section "Identifier medicines", where not only has information about all drugs, but pictures of all dosage forms and packages those tools that are most often exposed to the risk of forgery.