You will need
  • consultant for registration of non-profit organizations in the form of the Association;
  • - a set of constituent documents for registration of non-profit organizations;
  • number of tax inspections, in which it will be necessary to register the Association;
  • - the funds for payment of state duty for registration of the Association or Union.
State registration of the Association - a procedure quite time-consuming. Required to undergo a complex bureaucratic procedure, to collect a package of necessary documents and information about all the participants of the future of the Association.

The Association is a non - profit organization established by enterprises of a commercial or nonprofit organizations for joint activity and protection of common interests.
The members of the Association - legal entities. Despite participation in a new education, they fully retain the rights and obligations under his original occupation, as well as acquire new equity for the liabilities of the Association. The degree of responsibility and obligations of each of the Association members clearly stipulated in the Charter and the Constituent contract. The same document defines the structure of management and Executive bodies.

According to law No. 7-FZ on Nonprofit organizations, the Association may enter either a commercial or non-commercial organizations. Part those and others simultaneously is not allowed.
Property of the Association consists of income from its members - legal persons and from other legal sources. The property may be used only for those purposes that were specified in the founding documents. Though the Association and is the owner of the property upon its liquidation, it cannot be distributed between its members, but only aimed at goals similar to the liquidated Association.
According to the law, one must have the highest management body in the form of the General meeting of members of the Association. Each representative of the organizations-participants of the Union by one vote. The duties of the Supreme body of execution included:

- formation of the Executive bodies;

- the termination of powers of the performers;

- if necessary, change the articles of Association;

- approval of the annual report and balance sheet;

- creation of branches and representative offices;

- issues about the necessity of reorganisation or termination of activities of the Union.
For the state registration of the Association requires the following documents:

- information about the future of the Association (full and abbreviated name in Russian, aims and objectives of the Association, the types of economic activity in OKVED, the location address);

- certificate of state registration of legal entities – founders;

- certificate of incorporation (original copy);

- the certificate on statement on the tax account of the founders;

- copy of passport of the General Director;

- application for state registration;

receipt about payment of state duty.

The package of documents is submitted to the Ministry of Justice.
Upon completion of the registration process, the Association must:

- register it in the composition of Public and religious organizations (unions) in the Directorate of FRS across Moscow;

- to obtain a Certificate of registration organizations (enterprises) in the register and the certificate on statement on the account in FNS;

- to obtain a certificate of Rosstat;

- to make a print.