You will need
  • - nursing bra;
  • - brassiere;
  • - small cushions.
Feeding can take up to 30 minutes, so try to take a comfortable position for you. If you do it sitting down, put under your pillow elbow to the arm and back went numb. Try to relax. It is proven that milk is better produced when the mother is calm and relaxed. If the temperature in the house allows the child to undress, raspylenie it. The baby's skin will feel your body – it will help him relax.
There are several positions for feeding breast. You and baby can lie parallel to each other. You can also feed, keeping the legs and hips of the child under the mouse – such a comfortable position when breastfeeding twins. The most common position – you sit and hold the baby with one hand, the child lies on your lap.
Squeeze a few drops of milk and tease the baby with his chest, touch his lips. He opens the mouth, and at this point, give him a nipple. Please note that you should not bend your back, bringing the breast to the baby, and hand pressed him to her. Make sure that the baby is correctly captured your chest. The mouth should be not only the nipple but also the areola. It is under the areola are the so-called milky sinuses. And if the little one will not click on them in the process of sucking, it will get less milk. If feeding is painful for you, gently pry the baby's mouth. To do this, insert the little finger between his gums and your nipple. Then try again to start feeding. The reason for the pain can be poor latching nipple, without areola, or the appearance of micro-cracks of the nipple. Cracks well treated by ointment "Bepanten" or oil.
During feeding, ensure the baby's head was in an upright position or slightly forward ago. In this position his nose is closed your breast. If you have a curvy shape, hold the breast with your fingers over the nipple, so it does not interfere with the child suck the milk.