Drawing dimensions should be of the set format from A0 to A4, all formats are multiples of each other and their length and width are determined with millimeter precision. Format A0 has a size of 841х1189 mm A4 – 210x297 mm.
A mandatory condition of a properly executed drawing are the frame and the main inscription. Top, bottom and right margin of the frame is 5 mm. the Left margin of the frame is 20 mm, so that the drawing can be filed in a shared folder. The thickness of the frame line is 0.5 mm. the drawing is performed using different types of lines. They depend on the thickness of the main thick line, which may have a thickness from 0.5 to 1.4 mm.
In the lower right corner locate the sheet format which is also called stamp. Its shape and dimensions are set in the GOST 2.104-68. On the production drawing, its length should be 185 mm and a height of 55 mm. Field, the size of rows and columns in the sheet have a strictly fixed size. The sheet format contains information about the name of the product, the material from which a manufactured part, made in the drawing, their weight in kilograms, the scale of the drawing. In addition, the stamp put information about the character encoding of the drawing, its manufacturer and the officers who carried out the control and acceptance.
General rules of dimensioning and inscriptions refer to GOST 2.307-68. But you should know that is used for the application of special drawing font. If you still do not know how to write them, I suggest you practice on a rough draft before you write the numbers and letters on the drawing. Sometimes to cause the inscription, beautifully and correctly set the size, you can spend time not less than the drawing itself.
All drawings are made in accordance with the established scale, so it can be represented as large objects: building, car, and small – detail of the clock circuit. Whatever the scale, the dimensions of the parts are put in the drawing only valid.