1. Reading of the drawing should start with learning the basic types, rules, methods of drawing on paper objects of different shape and size on the plane, and conditional values and standards that have to withstand any drawing in its design. You need to learn the processing technology of the relevant products.

2. To read the drawings correctly, you need to stick to the exact sequence for reading it:

  • The study content of the main inscription on the drawings. With this record you can easily see the name of parts material used for their production, the scale of the drawing.

  • Definition images with which he presented the details of the drawings.

  • Image analysis drawing. The form view of a part. If you see the item just does not work, you can mentally it is divided into several parts and try to imagine their geometric form.

  • The study of the dimensions of the part – performance of its value.

Familiarity with the drawing will provide the picture of details: how they interact, how located and more. A careful reading of the inscriptions of the drawings will not only find the product name, calculate the scale, the number of identical parts for production, a lot of products, but also to consider all the picture details, which will more accurately represent the future shape of the product in finished form, taking into account all requirements and standards.

3. Now to be thoroughly acquainted with all the product dimensions, which are shown on the drawing to define the permissible deviation from the specified dimensions of parts.

4. In the end, it is necessary to set the type of surface finish of all items items to in the future on the basis of the obtained in the course of reading the drawing information, presenting all stages of production and processing at each cycle, and to analyze how that product or part will be applied in the node or in the final product, what purpose will be fulfilled, if what the conditions will be the operation of the product and how it will work.