Don't rush to "beat the alarm" to find that the Messages section is empty. Perhaps the Inbox is still in its place, but there's a bug on the site or network. Try to reconnect to the Internet, reload the page and re-enter her username and password, and then re-check your message folder. Perhaps you are unable to find the message for the reason that switched to the dialogue system, when messages are grouped in accordance with the users with whom correspondence was carried on. Select the dialogue with the right person and using the search function try to find the lost message.
Click "Restore" if you have just accidentally deleted a conversation with any user. Recover deleted messages "Vkontakte" in this way you will be able only in case, if you have not refreshed the page or went away from it.
Check your email, if you have configured a social network "Vkontakte" you have activated the option "Notify by E-mail". In this case in the mail a notification of incoming messages by displaying their text. So you will be able to restore accidentally deleted on the page information.
Activate the offline mode of the browser immediately after you detect the loss of messages. Next, try flipping the recently visited page through the "history" of the browser. If you're lucky, you'll find the page with the messages in the same condition as when they were still on it.
Ask for help from a friend, the correspondence with whom was accidentally deleted. At your request, it can copy the text of the message dialog and send it to you if he persisted in the user profile.
Write in support of the social network by clicking the link "Help" at the bottom of the main page. Let the professionals that have accidentally deleted important messages. Support the users may go forward and recover deleted messages "Vkontakte" its methods.
Try to take advantage of special sites and programs that restore deleted messages, records from the wall and other information. You can find them through any of the search engines. Beware of scams and don't leave anyone your login details in profile "Vkontakte".