You will need
  • - a computer connected to the Internet.
  • browser.
Clear the history of visited sites in Google Chrome, click the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the application window. Select "Tools", then go to "Clear browsing data". Further dialog box opens in which select the check box for "Clear history of visited pages".
To select the data that you want to delete, use the top menu. To completely remove the browsing history of the browser, click on the option "From the beginning". This will delete links to pages contained in the "History" snapshots of most visited sites that are displayed on the page.
Start Mozilla Firefox browser to clear the browsing history of web pages. Go to menu "Tools", select "Settings". Next go to the tab "Privacy", click "Clear your recent history".
Check the box next to "Cache" and "Log visits and downloads" and click "Clear now". The removal process may take several minutes if you viewed a large number of pages. You can also delete the history of visited pages in Mozilla Firefox using Ctrl+Shift+Delete in the opened window, select "history" and click Delete.
Start Opera browser to clear the history of links viewed pages. Go to menu "Tools", select "Settings". Go to the tab "Advanced".
In the left pane, click "History". Next to the field to "Remember addresses" click the "Clear" button. In this window you can configure the number of links to be stored in the history of the program.
Start Internet Explorer, click "Security", select "Delete browsing history". Next, select the checkboxes next to the required categories of information. Click the "Delete"button.