Click the "start" button and select the menu item "control Panel". If the panel is in category view, click on the "Network and Internet connection" and the icon "Internet options". If the panel is in classic view, select "Internet options" once. This will open a new dialog box.
Make sure you are on the "General" tab and find the section "browsing History". Click "Delete". Additionally in the window "Delete browsing history", select the marker item "Temporary Internet files" and click "Delete". Wait until the operation completes.
The same can be done directly in Internet Explorer. Start IE and select "Tools" "Internet options". Repeat steps described in previous step. Or select in menu "tools" the item "Delete browsing history", it will call the same window "Deletion review."
To clear the cache in Java plug-in, open the "start" button the control panel and switch to classic view using the link button in the upper left corner of the window. Click the icon Java opens Java Control Panel window.
Make sure you are on the General tab and find the section Temporary Internet Files. Click Settings – opens an additional dialog box, click in the bottom button Delete Files. In the query window will already be marked with a marker the points of Applications and Applets and Trace and Log Files. Click OK, wait for the end of the operation and consistently close all open Windows.
To delete temporary Internet file in other browsers, use a logical approach. So, for example, in Mozilla Firefox to run logs of visits and downloads, forms and search, and so on. Accordingly, you need to clear these logs. To do this, start the browser and select the "Logs" item "clear recent history". Note in the dialog the desired items and click "Clear now". Wait until the operation completes.