Stand on the account in the employment center. Many neglect this opportunity, believing that it is absolutely useless. But in fact, it is through the employment center, many seniors find a job with decent wages. With registration in the center the pensioner will be able to access the list of vacancies or to ask a consultant to do the selection work for him.
Ask for advice from friends. A lot of people find work this way. Perhaps, someone from friends of the family have to advertise or cold-calling potential employers. Or someone from relatives or buddies know about the job vacancy and is willing to share this information with you.
Flip through newspaper advertisement. Every day in the press there are thousands of vacancies every pensioner they can find what they need. For example, elderly women, loving children, usually work as nannies or Tutors, and men the front Desk in the lobby or watchmen.
Remember the old skills. Over time, all the skills are forgotten, and to come to the interview prepared, you need to remember everything that you ever could. For example, if you previously used the computer - go for it and remember what you were doing. If they knew very well how to draw – take out the old drawings and brush up on all the rules etc.
Use the world wide web. Is the Internet today you can find an interesting and simple job , even for a pensioner. Here you can apply all your talents to write, draw, write, solve math problems, and more.