You will need
  • – computer with Internet access
  • – paper and pen (to list)
Think of a name, which will consist of initials, name or acronym (abbreviations of parts of words or letters) in that case, if the mailbox is intended for business correspondence. The name of a mailbox must conform to the standards of conduct, therefore a flight of fancy in this case is not welcome. If the post involves multi-user access, it is better to call it consonant with the name of the Department: manager, office, reception and so Much more options imply the choice of name for personal mail. But we should remember that the simple name-based nicknames, names, common names, etc. almost all are busy. In the world wide web there are entire exchange for the sale of rare and simple mail addresses. So avoid common names, and try to come up with something exclusive.
Make a combination of numbers, which can be absolutely meaningless. These mailboxes are specially recorded by the enterprises (often for free) for convenience in pronunciation. Number much easier to understand and to make a mistake is practically impossible, in contrast to the Latin letters.
Make a list of all the names that you are considering. It is important to remember that some of them may already be busy, so think in advance about how to modify the priority of the name. Ensure that the mailbox name was easy to pronounce, and did not cause difficulties in writing. This will facilitate communication and transfer of contact data.
Examine the list of proposed names, which offers a mail service at the time of registration. This feature offer not all services are free email. The proposed options window appears after the first attempt, enter the desired username if it is already occupied.