Advice 1: How to ruin eyesight

In modern conditions of life to damage the eyesight can be very easily. Many people are afraid to reduce visual acuity and use all necessary precautions, to avoid this. But there is a category of people for whom impairment of vision is the salvation. For example, men with low vision are exempt from military service, therefore, young men of military age wearing glasses becomes an end in itself.
Eye – on are very sensitive to the adverse effects of
The easiest and most pleasant way to reduce eyesight - watching TV. Distance from eyes to the screen decrease gradually, sharp moves to the screen will cause pain in the eyes and redness. Another achievement of modern science is computer. The decrease in visual acuity with it is possible not only due to the close proximity of the monitor to the eyes, but also because typing on a keyboard in a darkened room.
Ancient way of reducing the vision was the reading of a large amount of literature. Strengthen a negative effect, if you read books, Newspapers and magazines in transport. Shaking all the time makes the stitch "jump", their eyes get tired and vision loses its sharpness. Reading in the conditions of twilight also really puts vision. This method is best used starting reading more in the light. In the end, you will recognize the letters and not notice that the eyes are becoming more and more tense.
Additional measures that will help to reduce the acuteness of vision, are, bad habits and unbalanced diet. Smoking and alcohol impede the power of the eyes, and the absence in the body all the necessary minerals and vitamins lead to malfunction of organs, including to decreased vision.
Negative effects on the eyes has also overwork and lack of sleep. Nightlife and being in a smoky room, bright illumination is all part of the night life of a large number of adolescents that lead to significant vision loss.

Advice 2 : As not to spoil the vision at the computer

Working day behind a computer screen, relax in the company of a monitor – all this negatively can affect vision. To keep it for many years, it is necessary to observe the regime of work and rest, maintain and train vision, safe monitors, with a certificate of conformity.
As not to spoil the vision at the computer
You will need
  • - vitamins for eyes;
  • monitor certificate of conformity;
  • - rational nutrition;
  • - gymnastics;
  • - special glasses.
Buying a new monitor, check out the hygienic conclusion. The certificate of compliance contains all the information about conducted testing. The safe to view the monitors comply with the Swedish technical standards TCO 95, 98, 99. This monitor will be the most safe for your eyesight.
Keep a distance. The monitor should be at arm's length. Set the maximum brightness, contrast and refresh rate, which should correspond to 70Hz.
Daily clean the monitor with special wipes or with a cloth microfiber and a spray designed for computers.
Lighting should be bright, but it is not necessary to put lighting in the vicinity of the computer.
If you feel that your eyes get tired and red, use when working at a computer wearing special glasses. They maximally absorb UV radiation, relieve fatigue. The price range in optical stores are scattered from 700 to 2500 rubles.
Every hour a short break. Take a break, drink tea or coffee, take a five-minute eye exercise. Lift up the eyes, take one, the other side, zazhmurtes, quickly blinked.
Do not overdo vasoconstrictor drops. You can use them from time to time. If your eyes become red, swell up, contact your optometrist. Will prescribe medications that promote eye and vision: "the Bilberry Forte", "Aevit", "Kuwait Lutein". A systematic method of balsam "Bitner" strengthens blood vessels and helps to restore vision.
Only pharmaceutical preparations for eyes is not enough. Eat right, include in the diet fresh carrots, olive oil, black currants, cranberries, greens, cod liver.
Comprehensive measures to protect vision and eye health, help you long time to have excellent vision.

Advice 3 : What vision is not taken into the army

Criteria of impairment in which a recruit can expect to be exempted from military service, enshrined in the Schedule of diseases. Thus, release of the call will be followed upon detection of myopia more than 6 diopters or more of hyperopia of 8 diopters.
What vision is not taken into the army
The question of exemption from military service in connection with the presence of poor vision decided at a meeting of the draft Board. The degree of impairment of visual function of the recruit is determined in the process of passing the relevant medical specialist – an ophthalmologist. For the determination of the exemption it is necessary to establish categories of life "E" (unfit) or "B" (partially fit). In the process of inspection and identifying the date the medical specialist is guided by the criteria set out in paragraphs 34, 35 of the Schedule of diseases. Schedules approved by the special decree of the Russian Government, it is the main document in assessing the state of health of recruits.

Exemption from the army for myopia and hyperopia

In the presence of myopia any eyes from six to twelve diopters recruits the category "B", with the result that he is exempt from army. For the establishment of a category "D" the presence of myopia any eyes in excess of twelve diopters. If the recruit wants to release farsightedness, the process of medical examination, shall be revealed the violations of functions ranging from eight to twelve diopters. In this case we will set the limited suitability of the recruit and will follow the release of the service. To determine the category of the "unfit" would need to be identified farsightedness any eye more than twelve diopters.

Other diseases of the visual organs

The basis for obtaining the categories exempt from military service, are not only increased the degree of myopia or hyperopia, but also some other diseases. Thus, the detection of astigmatism (violation of the form of the cornea, lens or eye, which is difficult to focus on a specific object) with a difference of refraction from four to six diopters in either eye should be followed by the establishment of a category "In". If the difference of refractive any astigmatism greater than six diopters, then set complete disrepair for the service. In addition, the basis for release from the army may provide reduced visual acuity. The detection of this indicator is lower than 0.3 in one eye and below 0,09 (or blindness) on the other the category "D" which means the immediate release from military duty.
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