The easiest and most pleasant way to reduce eyesight - watching TV. Distance from eyes to the screen decrease gradually, sharp moves to the screen will cause pain in the eyes and redness. Another achievement of modern science is computer. The decrease in visual acuity with it is possible not only due to the close proximity of the monitor to the eyes, but also because typing on a keyboard in a darkened room.
Ancient way of reducing the vision was the reading of a large amount of literature. Strengthen a negative effect, if you read books, Newspapers and magazines in transport. Shaking all the time makes the stitch "jump", their eyes get tired and vision loses its sharpness. Reading in the conditions of twilight also really puts vision. This method is best used starting reading more in the light. In the end, you will recognize the letters and not notice that the eyes are becoming more and more tense.
Additional measures that will help to reduce the acuteness of vision, are, bad habits and unbalanced diet. Smoking and alcohol impede the power of the eyes, and the absence in the body all the necessary minerals and vitamins lead to malfunction of organs, including to decreased vision.
Negative effects on the eyes has also overwork and lack of sleep. Nightlife and being in a smoky room, bright illumination is all part of the night life of a large number of adolescents that lead to significant vision loss.