If you think you have no willpower to quit Smoking by yourself, start small. Negative attitude to Smoking and desire to get rid of bad habits is the first step. Now try to abandon the daily rituals associated with cigarettes, for example, Smoking in the morning with a Cup of coffee, at bus stops while waiting for transport, before work or school, etc. Smoke only when that desire is unbearable, and you will see what a day is quite possible to spend no more than 2-3 cigarettes.
Currently on sale there are special preparations for those who want to quit Smoking on their own, but has no will power. This includes means for causing the human aversion to tobacco, for example, "tabeks". The taking these drugs often helps easily get rid of nicotine addiction or simply to assess the degree of attachment to cigarettes and their chances to drop them.
Find enough motivation to once and for all to stop Smoking. For example, for the family, who is forced to breathe the smoke you smoked cigarettes. Also currently, the cost of cigarettes is constantly rising, remove them from the shelves of shops, as the country introduced anti-Smoking laws. Now Smoking is not popular anymore, and people are becoming more aware of how it is harmful to themselves and others.
Be sure to apply conventional methods of self-quitting. These include, for example, the gradual reduction of smokes a day to one cigarette, and then to one in a few days. Also try instead of another cigarette to chew gum, drink a mug of tea, eat a piece of candy or a Lollipop, etc.
Seek to strengthen your willpower. It's time to start intense exercise, to spend more time working on his body and spirit. Avoid stress, which make you smoke cigarettes to calm. Observe the correct mode of the day and nutrition, take vitamins to get rid of the consequences of Smoking, which are often associated with deterioration of the respiratory system and the heart, weakening of the immune system. By combining all of the above methods, you must eventually come to a long-awaited result and will be able to successfully quit on their own.