You will need
  • paper for watercolor, gouache, tempera and canvas or cardboard for oil
  • a set of paints (watercolor, gouache, tempera, oil)
  • – a glass of fresh water
  • – palette
  • – brush: thin, wide with soft bristles for watercolor, gouache and tempera and hard for oil
  • pencil to paper or charcoal on canvas
  • – easel (drawing on location)
Examine the landscape in that case, if you write from life. Select the optimum place for the location of the easel. The light should not fall on the paper or canvas and dazzle of the artist. It is best to set up an easel so that the sun was on the left side.
Apply on sheet of schematic pencil sketch. This work should start with drawing the horizon line. Indicate where the picture will begin sea. Apply to drawing all the other elements of the landscape: the line of the shore, boat, rocks, etc.
Dampen the brush and make sure that they are not left colors. If you use oil instead of water, use a small amount of solvent. Note the color of the sea. Try to catch the darkest shade and lightest (usually, this glare on the water surface from the sun). If you're writing a the sea is not from nature, it should be remembered that the sea is rarely blue shades. In Russia, excluding tropical zones in the sea is dominated by a green tint. The painters claim that in writing the sea do not need to refuse from unusual for these purposes colors: red, yellow, and even purple. All the complexity of writing the sea is that the water surface has a lot of glare produced by reflection of sunlight.
Take a palette and mix colors to get the lightest shade in the case if you work with watercolor and tempera. Painting gouache paint should start with applying the darker shades. If professional palette at hand does not, instead, you can use a piece of cardboard or a plastic surface a neutral color. Take a thin brush and apply the shade on the paper. In the same way mix the colors until, until you get the toning the entire range of the original. The painters-realists, there is a rule about not mixing more than 3 colors at a time, otherwise the color will get dirty.