You will need
  • For this landscape, you will need two colors: yellow and blue. Mixing them in certain proportions, you will get a wide range of shades. Except the paint and water brush, soft pencil, eraser and a sheet of drawing paper. If you draw from life, use a high-quality picture.
The creation of the composition. With a pencil draw on a piece of rectangle marking the border of the picture. Drag the photograph the horizon line, and areas of major fields: forest, steppe and so on. You can draw and detail. The fact that the paint soaks into the paper, while as graphite remains at the top, so even after painting the pencil can be easily erased.
Fill. Take a brush, tilt the sheet 45 ° angle and start to fill the surface that is the sky. For this brush at the top so that the bottom of the stroke left a drop, the second bar do under the previous, capturing a drop. So you will see themselves strokes and get a smooth canvas. Do not dip the brush into the paint and into the water below the sky turned deep, with a smooth transition dark-bright. Be sure to wait until the paint dry before proceeding to the next step. After the sky, similar to the fill area fields and forests, each time waiting until the previous paint dries. Get green by mixing blue and yellow. The more blue, more green.
Drawing the foreground. You need to add strokes to a deeper color. Apply them unevenly and not wait until dry. Dim horizon, to seem further. Diagonal guide lines are darker than the main color hue. This will allow you to see the perspective and make the image volume. To shade a perspective, apply some dark paint in the lower right corner of the figure.To highlight the slope, cover the sheet in the right place with water and yellow paint, slightly mixed with blue to obtain a rough guide in the area of the hill. Should get a bump.
Add fine details. The power line you can draw blue with a little yellow. Thin brush draw the poles along the field touches from top to bottom. Observe the rules of perspective: the farther the poles, so they are smaller and thinner. Draw wire, using the thin brush, barely touching the paper. The closer the poles, the more wire, the more – rasmita. Blur can be added after drying, just wipe it with a wet brush.