Go to the link Here you can find a person on many parameters, including date of birth.
Spend search independently. You can start with an easy one. Go to the social network. Sign up on the website "Odnoklassniki", "Vkontakte", "circle of friends", "My world". To find a person by date of birth, you must enter this information into the address bar of a search query. If you know the name and surname, place of residence, be sure to include them. This significantly narrows the geography of search.
Do not despair if this search has not given results, as the cause of the failures can be several. For example, the user is not registered on the web site. Maybe he came up with a fictitious name or date of birth. Thus, the distorted information will affect the required query.
Start looking for the associations. In many social networks there is a section called "Groups". It includes people who have common interests, views, education, work.
If the wanted was born on 7 January 1991, then visit the appropriate group in which to engage users, born on this day, month and year. Usually born at the same time very much.
Review the associations that relate to learning activities. If you know where educated people or was going to do, then find the group with the name of your school and indicate the year of issue. Year of admission and completion date can be calculated from the date of birth.
Visit the official web resource of the institution. Now many universities and institutions publish the names of graduates. This is primarily done so that the employer could check the validity of diploma of young specialist.