Advice 1: How to find a person, knowing the date of birth

If you need to find a man, the period of search depends on the information you have. In addition to the name and surname can be known, and date of birth, then the chance of success is greatly increased.
How to find a person, knowing the date of birth
Go to the link Here you can find a person on many parameters, including date of birth.
Spend search independently. You can start with an easy one. Go to the social network. Sign up on the website "Odnoklassniki", "Vkontakte", "circle of friends", "My world". To find a person by date of birth, you must enter this information into the address bar of a search query. If you know the name and surname, place of residence, be sure to include them. This significantly narrows the geography of search.
Do not despair if this search has not given results, as the cause of the failures can be several. For example, the user is not registered on the web site. Maybe he came up with a fictitious name or date of birth. Thus, the distorted information will affect the required query.
Start looking for the associations. In many social networks there is a section called "Groups". It includes people who have common interests, views, education, work.
If the wanted was born on 7 January 1991, then visit the appropriate group in which to engage users, born on this day, month and year. Usually born at the same time very much.
Review the associations that relate to learning activities. If you know where educated people or was going to do, then find the group with the name of your school and indicate the year of issue. Year of admission and completion date can be calculated from the date of birth.
Visit the official web resource of the institution. Now many universities and institutions publish the names of graduates. This is primarily done so that the employer could check the validity of diploma of young specialist.

Advice 2 : How to find a person by year of birth and the names

Sometimes it is necessary to find the person, and data about it is extremely small: there is only the name and year of birth. What to do in this case that can help you perform a successful search?
How to find a person by year of birth and the names
Take advantage of international social networks. Many citizens of Russia at the moment registered in the network "Vkontakte", "Classmates" and Facebook. For search you need is the data that you already have. Type in the search engine the information available, and it is likely that the page with the appropriate person you find. And it is very easy to obtain data on place of work of the person and his contact number.
Refer to databases of phone numbers. If you assume that the wanted person lives in a large city, there is a chance that you will find his number. The largest database are here: Phone.desk,,
Try to contact a special search servers on the Internet. They work with databases of the police and prosecutors and may be able to help you. These services cost money, but you are guaranteed a result.
If you managed to find out a city that is home to people, contact passport office. If you have friends in the police or to the passport and visa service, you can ask them to help you. Police files show, which spelled out the man did not appear whether he was in any criminal cases and was involved for administrative offences.
In a difficult case, hire a private investigator. May his services will cost you a lot of money, but a licensed professional has access to these archives, to get to you without special permission would be impossible.
Be patient. Because people can repeatedly change the address of actual residence, the woman could change the name, in the end, you can just leave the country. Use all available means and you will find someone you care about.

Advice 3 : Numerology: how to calculate the compatibility by date of birth

Numerology is a metaphysical science that allows to know, by summing all of the nature, fate, the person's name. Is a fun and easy system prediction, is able to tell you how compatible you are with your partner.
Compatibility by date of birth

As the date of birth to calculate the compatibility?

With the help of numerology the date of birth you can learn very easily the compatibility of the partners. Enough to add up the numbers that are included in it, to get a number from 1 to 9. Let's say you were born 9.03.1987 years, and your partner 20.02.1990. If you add up the number, you get:

9.03.1987=9+0+3+1+9+8+7=37=10=1+0=1 (that's her number)
20.02.1990=2+0+0+2+1+9+9+0=23=2+3=5 (its a number)

Now 1 (digit) + 5 (his number) = 6

The total number of pairs is 6. The result of the calculation of compatibility by date of birth you must look at the symbols.

The results of the counting

1 – Pair needs to work together, as they are able to help each other to develop further. But do not forget that one – the figure of the leader. Therefore, partners can often arise disputes, quarrels, scandals. If one person learns to obey the other, the gap is inevitable.

2 - People communicate with each other just because it suits them – together they get a good profit. In principle, not bad for a couple that wants to live in abundance and maintain their own business. But the romance will have to forget.

3 – If the result of the calculation of marriage compatibility by date of birth – three, that people should preserve among themselves a friendly relationship, as their family will fall apart rather quickly because of the coldness, frequent betrayals of one partner to the other (or both).

4 – Very good compatibility. Family get prosperous, the relationship will be sincere and spiritually enriched. The only negative is that the couple will not be able to increase their capital.

5 – a Passionate Union in which partners deliver to each other a lot of pleasant moments. It was built on love. But 5 is the number of egoists. Therefore, if people do not learn to listen to each other, they diverge. Otherwise you can build a happy marriage, which will always be wealth and respect each other.

6 – in a couple long, built on partnership, peace, friendship and mutual assistance. Scandals in the family will happen very rarely. Even if the feelings fade, you will remain a support to each other.

7 – If the count of compatibility by date of birth had it figure it out, it means that a pair of rampant harmonious relationship. Partners can agree among themselves, sharing both material and family problems. Excellent compatibility.

8 – non-standard relationship in which people like much attracted to each other, they push each other to further development. But it only takes one child to another suspect in the selfish use of his senses, would be a huge scandal. This pair needs to learn to be flexible relative to each other, then they will succeed.

9 – a pair of Philosophical or even we can say perfect, if the material goods she's all right. But one has only to falter the financial well-being, as people will start to curse each other, and then parted. To put this right, one partner must assume the majority of household problems.

As you can see, to calculate your compatibility by date of birth is not so difficult. Just remember that everything depends on you. If you try to save your relations with the partner, support her in everything, to love and to cherish, everything will be fine.

Advice 4 : How to find a person without a name and surname

Sometimes after a chance meeting with a handsome stranger there is a desire to see him again and this time be sure to meet you. To find a person without a name and surname, it is quite possible, however, without patience and perseverance in this case not do.
You can find a person without a name and surname
If you don't know neither the name nor the name of the person, try to start looking from the place where you met him. For example, if it happened at a certain stop or subway station near the office building, University, etc., try to arrive there at the same time (or day of the week). It is likely that the person will appear there again, and you will have the opportunity to talk with him.
To find a person without knowing the name, the description of his appearance. Try to contact the people you will see near where you you'll rendezvous with the one you are looking for. Ask if they've seen here, for example, a girl with long dark hair, brown jacket, messenger bag, etc. you May tell me what time and where you will be able to see a welcome face.
Try to search for a person via the Internet. Especially can help in this social network where there is community interest on this issue. In the group from your city, leave a message with the request to help to find the right person and description of his appearance. For example, say that you liked a strange girl, and now you want to meet her. Pretty high chances that subscribers not only to report the name and surname of the person, but will share with you the link to his page in social networks.
Much easier to find a person with his photo. For example, you want to know the name of the one who imprinted on a photo you saw in the newspaper or online. Try to print and show this photo to people in the places where he can work, study or relax. You can also post the photo to appropriate groups in social networks, on sites free of ads and other thematic information resources.
There is an assumption that people are connected to each other through their friends and acquaintances. So if you want to find a person, even not knowing the name, just ask for help in all your friends and relatives. They, in turn, may be asked to do is of people from your social circle. In the result, sooner or later you will learn about this person from someone or from any other sources of information.
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