You will need
  • Passport, documents on the move.
Moving and obtaining temporary or permanent residence permit in Latvia (and subsequent citizenship) is possible if the state of their company or when buying property. Unfortunately, from 1.09.2014 to obtain a residence permit, you must purchase a property worth at least 250,000 euros. The temporary residence permit provides free movement around the Schengen countries and also gives the opportunity to further apply for permanent residence and citizenship.
The opening of the company or enterprise in Latvia is the most common, but not the most economical way to move to the country. The minimum share capital amounts to 36,000 euros. On the other hand, the discovery of a limited liability company in Latvia will take more than a week. Gathering financial documents, you must submit them along with the application for a residence permit in the Latvian Republic (Consulate and Embassy of Latvia in Russia are not issued a residence permit, limited to visas). Time of consideration of documents depends on the workload of staff and is not more than 2 months.
The second popular way to obtain residence permit in Latvia is the purchase of real estate. 1.09.2014 to the minimum value of the property after purchase, which you can apply for a residence permit, amounted to 72000 euros, but now the minimum is 250,000 euros. Having a deal for the sale of real estate, you must submit documents and the application for a residence permit. A list of documents is limited: the paper to the right of ownership of, certificates evidencing the absence of debts on utility bills, documents of no criminal record (translated and notarized by Latvian notary), an extract from Bank about availability of funds in the accounts, medical insurance (for 1 year), receipt of payment of applicable state taxes. With proper execution of all documents, a temporary residence permit in Latvia will be issued in 2 months. Residence permit renewed every year. To sell the purchased property can only be 5 years after the date of purchase.
In addition, there are alternative options for moving to Latvia. First, marriage to a citizen (citizen) of Latvia. Secondly, training in the public or private University, located on the territory of the country. For the latter you must have a document of secondary education, certified by the Latvian lawyers. The training is conducted mostly in Latvian or English (in private universities there are courses in Russian).