You will need
  • - article in English;
  • dictionary.
Find out exactly what kind of work you have to write. Typically, when learning English there are two types: informative and evaluative. Evaluation essay-summary like review books, films or TV shows. In this task it is necessary not only to summarize the content of the story, but also to give their assessment of the work of the author, Director or actors. This type of work is quite complex and requires a high level of proficiency, therefore, these jobs rarely found outside of language departments. Informative summary briefly outlines the content of any article, its main meaning. In the methodology of teaching foreign languages this kind of work is sometimes called referencing.
Review the material on which you will write a summary. If you work with article, examine its output. Skim read the text to identify its main idea.
Read the article a second time. At this stage, read carefully, examining all the turns of phrase and translating unfamiliar words. Identify and write down key words and phrases. Can you briefly formulate the essence of each paragraph of the text and to make a preliminary plan of your summary.
Work on a plan. Some of the paragraphs of the article similar in content can be combined into one paragraph. It is necessary to take into account the semantic content of individual paragraphs, rather than their size.
Try to convey the content of each item of the plan one or two sentences. You can use ready-made snippets of text from the article or try to summarise the idea in your own words.
Start writing summary. You should get a brief retelling of the article, constituting approximately one-quarter of its original volume. In the first sentence, enter the title of the article, author's name and output. Then use you have prepared a brief summary of the basic content of the text.