Read a few English articles on the same topic on which you are going to create their own. This will help you not only to understand the structure of a text and find the words and phrases of the specific professional vocabulary that will help you more intelligently Express their thoughts.
Pick up the appropriate dictionaries. They will be useful to you, even if you know the English language. For example, they need to find synonyms. A good tool will be the Oxford dictionary and various reference books on professional subjects.
Decide how you will create the text. You have at least two possibilities. You can first write the text in Russian and then translate it in English, or originally to make it in a foreign language. The first option is more appropriate for those who are not yet confident in your knowledge of English.
Start writing an article. It is advisable to finish the main part, and then, in accordance with the text, adding an introduction and conclusion. In the introduction it is best to announce the plan of the article. This tradition is followed by many English-speaking journalists and scholars to facilitate the task of the reader.
Re-read the resulting text. Try to check some points doubtful, for example, the spelling of geographical names and proper names. Especially pay attention to the names of historical characters, if they appear in your text. By tradition established in Russian historiography in the eighteenth century under the rule of the German historical school, the names of the rulers of European States are written in their German version. For example, king William in the English-language article should bear the name of William (William).
Hand in your article for review to another person who knows English. The best way to approach the native speaker.