For quick access to the mail boxes use The Bat. It allows you to store information with a large number of email addresses simultaneously. Download the Bat. It is better to select the Russian version. This will facilitate the process of development of utilities.
Install the program and restart the computer. Start the shortcut of The Bat on the desktop and wait for the new menu. Open the tab "Box" and select "New mailbox". After pressing the right keys will open a window titled "Create new mailbox".
Fill in the "Name box". Enter any word or phrase. This will allow you to quickly navigate to the main menu. Click "Next". Fill in the fields "Name" and "email Address". In the second field make sure you specify the correct address for which you are creating a new box.
Click "Next". In the menu that opens, leave all points unchanged and press "Next". Fill in the "Password" field. This is necessary in order for a program to access your mailbox.
Click "Next". Highlight "Yes" in menu "Check the properties of the mailbox". Click "Finish". Check that the data entered in the menu. Click Ok and restart the program.
To add another mailbox, repeat the algorithm. Do not specify identical names for different boxes. To refresh the list of emails in a particular drawer, select it with the left mouse button and press F2.
After creating the box with the new email address you will receive an automatic email sent to the specified address. If not, check the preset parameters. Pay special attention to the fields "email Address" and "Password".