Wash your hands with soap or disinfect them with an alcoholic solution.
Select the area of the injection. Extract aloe isgenerally injected subcutaneously, so the upper arm or abdomen would be preferable. If a shot is not the first, it is important not to fall into the place of the previous one. This can lead to the occurrence of edema, seals and even scar, so the alternative injection site could be the thigh or buttock.
Extract insulin syringe and draw it in the prescribed dose of medication. Depending on the age and severity of the condition it may vary from 0.3 ml (children under 5 years of age) to 1 ml (adults). A shot of aloe very painful, so if you assign a larger number of drugs (2-4 ml), make an injection of 0.5 ml of novocaine (in the absence of an allergic reaction to the drug). Put the medicine very slowly, this will help to minimize severe pain. Ensure that the needle penetrated no deeper than 2/3 of the length, and an angle of about 45 degrees.
When the entire portion of drugs injected under the skin, remove the syringe and press to place a shotand gauze, heavily soaked with alcohol. Massage the injection site in a circular motion. This would not only reduce pain, but also prevent the occurrence of swelling and compaction.
Because of the pain, injections of the extract of aloe are conducted once a day. However, to achieve a pronounced effect required prolonged therapeutic course. In most cases it is 30-35 treatments, but the duration of treatment may be shortened or lengthened according to the testimony.
In severe diseases of the heart, kidneys and digestive organs need injection only in a medical office. In the last trimester of pregnancy extract aloe is contraindicated.