You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - "cutter";
  • - pressure gauge;
  • - hex keys.
Turn on the split system in the cooling mode. Connect to low pressure port of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner gauge station.
Close the high pressure port by turning the valve located on the outside unit of a split system. Since the injection of freon in a closed high-pressure port is impossible, the compressor will only work on "SOS". The compressor will pump the entire refrigerant circuit of the outdoor unit of a split system.
Closely monitor the pressure in the circuit. As soon as the needle drops to zero, you need to quickly shut off the low pressure port located on the outside unit of a split system. Immediately unplug compressor.
Unplug the AC from the mains. Disconnect the electrical wires.
Unscrew the pipe from the external and internal units. Disassemble the drain.
Cut the pipe in the indoor and outdoor units of a split system with the help of pliers. This method will help securely seal the duct and prevent the ingress of dirt, dust and debris. If pipe cutter you used any other tool - for example, a pipe cutter - for sealing pipes it is necessary to fabricate and install special plug.
Unscrew the mounting screws and disassemble the external unit of a split system. When removing the outdoor unit, it is necessary to observe extreme caution. Unit weight may reach 60 kg. besides, its center of gravity is slightly displaced. Therefore, performing this work together is recommended.
Carefully detach the clips, fixing the indoor unit on the mounting panel and remove it. Remove the mounting plate.
If you plan to store the air conditioner in a disassembled state for a long time, in internal block split-systems should be pumped nitrogen.