The statement in the court file at the place of residence of the debtor or the creditor. Prepare all the documents confirming the fact of debt: receipts, contracts and other documentation. These documents must be attached to the written application when applying to the court.
In the header of the application write the name of the judicial authority to which the claim is filed. Then specify the personal data of the plaintiff (lender): name, surname, patronymic, address of residence, contact phone number. On the next line, specify the name and address of the defendant (debtor). After that, the amount of the claim. The amount of a claim include not only the debt but also interest and penalties (if stipulated in the contract), costs and expenses of the lender and costs associated with pre-trial return of this debt.
Further, after the heading "statement of Claim" write in detail your credit relationship with the debtor. Specify: how and when did you agree on giving a loan, like what amount of transferred money to the borrower, which documents were processed and what repayment terms were agreed. Tell the charges: either the debtor has not paid the required amount, or missed the terms of payment. In this case refer to the attached documents that the court will confirm the correctness of the creditor.
Then based on the above, specify the requirements to the debtor. Shall describe the amount of the claim: the amount of the principal debt, the amount of interest and penalties, their calculation, the amount of court costs and documentary proof of these expenses. Write that in support of the claim require the seizure of the debtor's property. At the bottom of the statements list all the documents attached to the plaintiff's claim.
The text of the statement of claim needs to convey the essence of events and requirements simply, on the merits, without further discussion, and retreats. Proving his innocence, refer to the relevant articles of the Civil code. For a modest fee, competently make a claim will help a professional lawyer. If you wish to hire such lawyer to fully support the case in court, and the costs of the representative should include the amount of the claim.